A Game Harder Than Its Hardcore Fans

Kotaku: A friend visiting me recently is a lifelong NHL fan with season tickets to the San Jose Sharks. He doesn't play video games, but he was intrigued when he saw NHL 11 on my desk, a couple days before release.

"Oh, wow, you got this?" he said. "What's that like? Can I play it?"

"Sure," I said, opening the case and handing him the manual. "There are the controls."

The 17-page manual devotes four pages to the controls. After three minutes Scott uttered two words that communicated he'd given up on the idea.

"Don't feel bad," I said. "I barely know how to play it either."

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Coramoor_3427d ago

very good story, i live in canada and everyone loves hockey but a lot of my friends just don't play the games because they aren't gamers and the controls are so complex, it is something that over the years EA and other sports game makers are going to have to figure out, and maybe something that MLB: The Show got right years ago

HyperBear3427d ago

Im from Van City, and NHL 2011 IS AMAZING!!! I love breaking sticks, and the new faceoff engine. Very superb!