5 Classic Video Games that Haven't Changed Their Graphics in Eons

AC: Gamers love classics and while gaming consoles have updated and taken on new graphic abilities, most classic games have had a next gen reboot, but the following are five classic games that are still gaining appeal, but haven't changed their graphics in eons.

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FENDR3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

the COD and halo franchises havnt changed there graphics in ages so why not add them to the list

dawgsfan1173425d ago

Would be funny if Halo: Reach wasn't coming out in 3 days and every journalist that has had extended time with it hadn't been quick to point out the big graphics upgrade.

Theonik3425d ago

If it aint broken don't fix it.

TheLastGuardian3425d ago

Did you just make that up yourself? /sarcasm

WLPowell3425d ago

When you make an article about games that haven't changed their graphics, you shouldn't bring up a game that you admit has changed it's graphics (Sonic) You can tell just by looking at Sonic 1 and Sonic 3 that even then the graphics were improved.

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