What Makes Gran Turismo 5 Stand Apart From the Pack? (Gameplaybook)

A lot of racing games come stacked with features. So what is it that makes Gran Turismo 5 stand out? Gameplaybook takes a close examination.

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3422d ago
TheDCD3422d ago

Yeah, but some people were asking how. Thus why we created the article. Helps to have a breakdown. :)

PirateThom3422d ago

I don't know what it is about Gran Turismo, but I've just gone back to playing GT5P again... which, for me, is just drift mode on the Eiger Nordwand... "one more go mode" as I call it...

Just set my own high personal drifting high score of 10930 in the 350Z, 175th in the world! :D

It tends to drag me in quite a bit... that was a solid 2 hours of JUST drifting on that one track.

cobraagent3422d ago

which, for me, is just time trial mode on suzuka with the f2007.

IRetrouk3422d ago

lets see, the developers are known for their attention to detail,
they take part in real races,
they push themselfs to provide us with the best racing experiance possible while also working just as hard to provide us with as much content and features as they can fit onto a bluray,
supposedly the install is going to be 10gig,
thats alot of info,
so to answer the question,

TheDCD3422d ago

Good thing we mentioned Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi then.