F.E.A.R Singleplayer Hands-On

Here is an in-depht look a the single-player portion of FEAR.

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Zaskark55392d ago

I hope the multiplayer will be just as good.

TheMART5392d ago

"In case you've been worrying that the Xbox 360 wouldn't be able to handle FEAR's demanding visuals...don't. We got to try the game in a nearly final state running in 720p, and it looked every bit as good as the PC version and ran at quite a smooth frame rate. In fact, it technically looked better--it seems the developers discovered they had a little extra performance to work with, so they've added high-dynamic range lighting, more-complicated particle systems, and higher-resolution textures to improve the look of the game in subtle but still effective ways. "

Freaking hell yeah, looks better then the PC version on highest details. I say damn I need the demo of this game... In October they say!

tag5392d ago

watch the developer vid he admits the 360 has more power! and runs better!!!!!cya

DJ5391d ago

the 360 better perform better than a PC! =P I prefer FPS titles on controllers instead of keyboard/mouse, so it's nice that they brought it over. Hopefully the team's PS3 title is coming along alright.