PlayStation Turns 15: Five Things We're Thankful For (RunDLC)

Now that Sony’s PlayStation is 15 years old, we decided to reflect on more than a decade of innovations and beliefs that pushed the industry forward. Sony didn’t necessarily invent the technology, but its decisions to use it forever changed the video game landscape. That said, we’re thankful for the following…

John Artest (RunDLC)

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adonis1833419d ago

I CANT AFFORD Those games psgamer but i have played 1,2, and 3 but not 4

Buff10443419d ago

You talking about gt5? I'm on board!

aceofspades3419d ago

game of the years

like .uncharted 2, littlebigplanet, metal gear solid 4, demons souls


Godmars2903419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

After "#1" its hard to think of something as important.

Really, its the only one that really counts. If fact if anything, the support they gave to 2nd and 3rd party devs, back in the day, should be there somewhere.

Just think if Phillips had had a hand in making MGS or FFVII on the 3DO...

SilentNegotiator3419d ago

Where would console gaming be without dual analog sticks?

Scott6673419d ago

Wait, what?

I can understand being thankful for the PSP, but why on Earth do they say that "Yes, we know the PSP has fallen off the past couple of years, but without this wonderful device, we’d be at Nintendo’s mercy, forced to accept its monopoly on the handheld market and whatever “innovations” (or lack thereof) it produced"

They sound like they are trying to say that Nintendo hasn't innovated the handheld market, which considering the fact that the DS features an addition touchscreen and the 3DS will have glasses-free 3D, is an outright lie. The PSP is a great little handheld, but I think its safe to say that Nintendo innovates the handheld space more often than Sony does.

Godmars2903419d ago

Sorry, but they haven't. The DS, this current iteration of the DS, is just another later version of the Gameboy.

Just like Sony's never been forgiven their mistakes this gen regardless of actual facts, no rumble with the lawsuit going on, taking out other OS to keep ahead of piracy, asking for a $600 multitasking BR player vs $1200 standalones, I don't get why Nintendo is never held accountable for their's.

We wouldn't be here if Nintendo weren't strangling devs while nearly all but disregarding CD tech. Doing so not once, but twice which ran to ground and handhelds in the first place.

Heck, if you really look at them, relying on old IPS while failing to to even invent new ones, they're pretty much in the same boat as the rest of the JP gaming industry.

hilyou3419d ago

i think there should have been 15 things instead of 5

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