HonestGamers Review // Top Gun [PSN]

Gary Hartley says: The truncated, ugly plot progression, the middling gameplay and the lack of length make Top Gun a hard game to get behind. It does offer a varied amount of multiplayer options, but too few people are currently online to fight it out with. Extras consist of unlockable fighter jets and…. nothing else. As such, it feels like an extended demo reel more than a full game, even when viewed as a downloadable title. And one that seems to work against its source material rather than embrace it.

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killcycle3417d ago

The last flying sim type game I brought was After Burner Climax but I personally don't think i'll be buying another until the new Ace Combat hits the shelves however I don't think it should be as low as 4/10 thats a little extreme I'd personally give it a 7/10.

Temp3417d ago

I'd disagree: I don't think there's anything about the game aside from perhaps the soundtrack that lifts it above average. 4/10 sounds like a suitable 'below average' score.