Xbox 360 Surround Sound Rolled Out

Imagine fighting alien scum in Halo while the battle sounds blare in surround sound. Xbox 360 gamers don't have to imagine any more.

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DG5392d ago

between this and any other Surround system out there...that it looks like the 360? Is there any functionality that comes with the price?

Islandkiwi5392d ago

Is a great set of wireless headphones that I can also use on Live.

FadeToBlack5392d ago

No powered receiver?? I paid less for my yamaha system which comes with a receiver and 700 watts of power that rocks the house.

LuminousAphid5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

Same, this is just a stunt to get xbox people to go surround while charging much more than is needed. I paid about the same $500 for my receiver with some really nice Infinity speakers (the sub is absolute bliss), and I doubt this system could even compare when you turn it up above 0 db (I mostly have it in the -negative- 15-20 range, but only because it's too loud if anyone else is around). I never thought too highly of pioneer speakers myself- if you need surround-in-a-box, buy an Onkyo system, I've heard they're the best all-in-one you can buy for cheap.

Marriot VP5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

Yah systems like this are bought by people who aren't tech. savy or atleast smart enough to shop around online. Like upper middle class suburban kids who don't have a clue but do have a wad of cash.

What I did was get a 5.1 logitech for 50 bucks for my PC and get a 5 dollar AV cable adapter to 5.1. Just switch back and forth.

xXbebofisherXx5392d ago

compared to alot of the systems you can buy. but i care more for quality than looks. i have 2 systems (since i have 2 360's). one is a bose 5.1 surround that i got from my brother. thats a monster of a system for only 600W that it pulls out. then i have kinda my own creation i bought everything seperate for this one. its a phillips receiver (dont ask what model) with 7.1 speaker set up. 850W of insane sound. i use it mostly for movie becuase game just get way to loud on that phillips. i like the bose acoustics for gaming especially their quiet comfort 2 head[hones for late night gaming so you dont wake any one.

i agree with everyone else this is just to look good and make dumb ppl look retarted. they step up if they buy this.