Gamer Limit: Metroid - Other M Review

Gamer Limit: For over a year now I’ve been asking myself, what is Metroid: Other M? Is it a side-scrolling adventure similar to the original games, or is it a first-person adventure/shooter like Metroid Prime? Even though I’ve played through it, I still can’t definitively answer that question.

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GuruStarr783421d ago

I'm at a loss for words on this one.....

tunaks13421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

" which is not the easiest thing do using a D-pad. There were many moments where I wish I had the precision and control of an analog stick."
I always found this comment odd seeing as pc gamers have been using wasd for ever.

lame review

ChickeyCantor3421d ago

The only thing that i got annoyed by was the death scene.
I mean i expect a full White filling and then a silhouet of her model and then her armor should explode. Just like Super metroid.
That is the ONLY thing i had beef with.
I mean if you die during morphball...nothing happens.
Metroid prime had it right XD

And if you read this review you can clearly read that this twat doesn't even know much about Samus and her past.
He never knew she was traumatized...