New Pokemon/Black scans from this month’s CoroCoro – starter evolutions, new Pokemon, more

The full scan set from this month's CoroCoro is out now, which shows the evolutions for the starter Pokemon, new Pokemon, and much more.

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-Mezzo-3664d ago

Looks great, would have been much better if i could have read that.

PhilipLarkin3664d ago

Same - man I should learn more languages =P

Valay3664d ago

I wonder how fans will react to all of these new Pokemon. It's the first time in awhile that so many creatures have been in a new game.

jazzking20013664d ago

more time to waste to "Gotta catch them all! "

SpoonyRedMage3664d ago

Well it seems prerelease reception in Japan is very, very good. B&W have the highest pre-orders for a DS game ever, which I assume is the highest this gen and they got rated the highest of all the Pokémon games.

Looking good for Nintendo, I wonder if this means they'll try to change things up more between releases. Changing to full 3D battles for the inevitable 3DS Pokémon games is a logical step.

DarkFantasy3664d ago

will they ever have a pokemon games with ALL Pokemon old and new with out having to trade a billion times lol i still like the original 3 starter pokemon as my starters in the pokemon games ;/ or is it just me ? i want my charazard!

TheLeprachaun3664d ago

Where is the hell is my Pokemon MMO? I've been waiting for years.

krontaar3664d ago

can you take an MMO on the go?


then they wont make it, and stop waiting

its a terrible idea

ingiomar3664d ago

wElll with the 3DS it seems pretty much possible

ZombieNinjaPanda3663d ago


That's actually a brilliant idea.

Have the ability to play pokemon offline, then connect online to a server and then continue the adventure online.

Would be like those cheap toys they try to sell to kids, except much better, they could possibly make it equivalent to WoW if they wanted to.

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