Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 to Experience Problems with Their Price Structure

Top Tech Reviews: The problem with Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 is their overall price structure. I know, some of you will start ranting off about how much affordable these consoles are, but it wasn’t like this in the past. Since, we all know that both consoles were sort of next gen-ish at the time of their release, so the companies had to do a lot of “convincing” to lure customers.

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ZombieAutopsy3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

" know, some of you will start ranting off about HOW MUCH AFFORDABLE these consoles are"

Yet another game journalist who doesn't know sentence structure.

Both consoles have built in value besides gaming too, Ps3 has a blu-ray player/dvd player and the xbox 360 has a dvd player that can upscale to HD.

3415d ago
Persistantthug3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

What the heck is this writer talking about?

Unicron3415d ago


Sort of "nextgenish?" Um, they were the next gen.Now they are the current gen. Soon they'll be last gen.

Octo13415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Next gen-ish?
Whats he going on about? I don't get the point of this article. Is he trying to say that Sony and MS would be comparable to the Wii if they were priced the same? I'm pleasantly surprised that the video game industry is doing as well as it is specially in tougher uncertain economic times. Yeah there's talks about the Xbox 720 and PS4 but that all it is. Talks. One of the reasons both Sony and MS are releasing the Move and Kinect beside from getting a piece of the casual market is to extend the life of both of their respective consoles more so for MS.
Both companies are well aware that it does not make sense to release a new console any time soon.Nintendo is not too concerned about replacing the Wii either. Nintendo will release a new console when the Wii stops printing money.
This guy thinks that the price point for the PS3 and the 360 is a problem? Wait until Nintendo announce the price for the 3DS. I bet it will be around or just above the $200 mark.

ChronoJoe3415d ago

Not really a big deal considering Sonys strategy of retaining the last generation, into the next. I wouldn't even be surprised if they keep selling PS2s when a PS4 exists.

In this generation alone Sony have sold 80,000 units of home console, hardware (not including PSP). Which is more than Microsoft, or Nintendo... I think this has worked well and is a good means for each platform holder to put them-self into the next generation without too much risk. Not that I think we're ready just yet, anyway.

Mastodon3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Hey Chrono you want to word that so it doesn't seem like you just said:

In this generation alone Sony has sold 80,000 console units - which is more than Nintendo and Microsoft.

Because if read like that you'd be saying that Sony outsold MS and Nintendo in console sales because they sold 80,000 units... Which would be the single biggest typo in gaming history I think.

I'd love to have that clarified. At this point in time the clear Console winner is obviously everyone - Sony turned a profit finally, MS has been in the green for a while, and Nintendo is constantly wiping their @$$ with money so I think the future is looking pretty good. I'm just wondering how far the new consoles/next gen will take us in terms of gameplay, graphics, and depth - I'm excited to see what's next.

madjedi3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

So anyone understand what point the article was actually trying to make, the only relevant point i could see are that compared to previous yrs sales are down.

I have read more coherent flamebait articles, than whatever confusing attempt the author tried with this article, nothing is elaborated on.

No real issues are explored in any significant detail, the article makes little sense, doesn't even try to explain any of statements the author makes.

So wtf is the purpose of the article?

KwietStorm3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

What a weak ass article. Why would this get submitted AND approved? It doesn't even really make a relevant point.

"The companies were gaining profit in a totally different manner, which was kinda like a slow-mo thingy."

A slow-mo thingy? Really?

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