Phil Harrison caught lying in an interview!

Phil Harrison caught lying in an interview.

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BIadestarX5385d ago

There is war in the middle east; in case you guys didn't know.

TheMART5385d ago

Who cares actually? There has been wars for as long as we know. Big deal really. As long as the USA seems to earn big bugs on weapons, they'll create their own wars. So I even stopped wishing peace

BIadestarX5384d ago

I said this to imply; no s*** Sony always lies.

HyperBear5385d ago

Thats a LIE. Your Full of SH!T. LOL. LMAO

TheMART5385d ago

W"ell, that sounds pretty good. I didn't even know that a hundred movies were available on Blu-Ray right now.

Oh, wait--I didn't know it because it's bullshit. It's only true in Sony Fantasy Land, where $600 for a game machine is a bargain and all ponies go to heaven.

In fact, right now, there are only twenty four Blu-Ray movies available. When the console launches, there will only be a little more than fifty available. "

That's a freaking funny comment

Asuka5385d ago

i care about this why???

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The story is too old to be commented.