TGH: MAG Retrospective Review

TGH Writes: "M.A.G, short for Massive Action Game. That is quite possibly the most blatant title that Sony and Zipper Interactive could have come up with. Then again, they did come up with S.O.C.O.M. Zipper has a history of setting the bar for Playstation online play and it seems they have not decided to stop that tradition with the PS3 either. The game was released earlier this year and still has a boasting online community. Well, what do we at TGH think of the title?"

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WildArmed3418d ago

MaG is definitely NOT the game it was in Jan.
The great thing about online only games, they only get better over time :)
Looking back at Warhawk, Mag, SOCOM, it's very clear that the devs will support the game until they make it a solid game.
Which Zipper did w/ MaG

CountDracula3418d ago

This game has barely been released and now there's retrospectives?

Get a grip on reality man!

Sevir043418d ago

and alot has been released to make this game shine beyond what it was released back in Jan. so please give it a rest.

MagicAccent3418d ago

This is great. I was just looking for a newish review only yesterday.