F1 2010 – Game/Real Life Comparion – Monaco Clear Weather

Motorthusiast writes: "Alright, so last week we were amazed with the F1 2010 game/real life comparison of a lap around the Monaco race track in rainy weather. Fans however were impressed but still wanted more. Here another superb clip, this time of a sunny weather lap around Monaco."

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TheKhoaNguyen3419d ago

Man... this is old... Already seen in august...

Speed-Racer3419d ago

You are referring to the rainy weather version .. there have been a few out for various different tracks. The guy releasing this has exclusive access to these comparisons, and this was only uploaded to his channel today

S_C3419d ago

Looks Impressive, Day 1 for me

sigfredod3419d ago

the effect of change of light when he exit the tunnel on the game is missing gt series have it i hope is included on the final game

popup3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

Although it is a good effect as such, I am not sure I like the idea of games simulating camera effects as they are imperfections of that style of media and do not have to be part of any computer 'simulation' of real life.

My eyes naturally take a few tenths to adjust going from dark to light so the game need only show those light changes and the effect would mirror real life.

Exaggerating the effect will only serve to make the whole thing a less realistic experience.

The trouble is that most game designers already spend ages copying camera effects for gameplay seemingly only to hide lack of detail and depth and provide a wow factor. I also think that replays deserve all the effects because that is supposed to mirror a recorded event.