Community Gamer Gab: Ever Fancy Writing About Gaming?


"OXCGN is looking for fresh opinions and a few new writers. We love well written analytical opinion pieces or arguments so we have decided to invite budding gamer journalists who would like to express their views on any gaming topic to have a go with articles under 1000 words that could net them an offer to join OXCGN’s staff and win prizes!"

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BadCircuit3415d ago

That sounds good! I might have to have a go and hope for the best. :)

gaminoz3415d ago

Seems like a lot of people on N4G have an opinion on different things relating to gaming...Some of it would probably not be made into an article though :)

XboxOZ3603415d ago

ahh yes, opinions are one thing, and easy to throw around, but turning those into viable articles is another thing altogether mate.

We welcome ppl who have something to say, or have been following us over the last 3 years and believe OXCGN is more than just a site seeking views. SO please do come over, write us something that concerns us all with regards to gaming, as we'd love to have you contributing to the gaming voice on the net . . .

3415d ago