Will Duke Nukem Forever Live Up To The Hype? In Gearbox We Trust

TQcast: Always bet on Duke, they say, and I did not listen. I bet against Duke, I wagered every last dime, an arm and a leg and my mother’s good name on everything but Duke, and year after year the bets paid off. Betting on the release of Duke Nukem Forever was an exercise in futility, like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the insurmountable hill. So when the recent announcement came that Gearbox Software would be taking the 13-year old reins, the only thought that entered my mind was here we go again. Time to watch another legion of fanboys push the rock up that hill. Duke Nukem Forever was never going to happen, and in a weird sort of twist, a lot of us preferred it didn’t.

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Lovable3419d ago

I have no doubt in my mind that this game will be good. Gearbox made one of my favorite shooter this gen, and I'm extremely anticipating this game.

yewles13419d ago

*in creepy old voice*


chak_3419d ago

Probably not.

It's not hype, it's a myth. You can't beat a myth