Study: Apple Now Has Nearly As Many Portable Gamers As Nintendo

According to the 2010 International Games Survey by market research firm Newzoo, there are 40.1 million people in the U.S. who play games on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The total number of gamers in the U.S. on Nintendo DS and DSi consoles was 41 million. (For reference, Sony’s PSP has a mere 18 million players).

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qface643416d ago

honestly does playing a bowling app or playing solitare etc etc really make you a gamer?

EYEamNUMBER13416d ago

yeah im willing to bet if you were to count only those that actually use their apple devices to game and not just play your free ware apps from time to time the numbers would be very very small

Muletroid3416d ago

i consider a gamer someone who actually does in fact game and not just play an app from time to time

i mean did playing snake, solitare, bowling from time to time on those old cellphones classify me as a gamer back in the day?

Chuk_Chuk3416d ago

So according to the logic of this article does that mean that the people who play farmvile (however you spell it) are also gamers

qface643416d ago

didn't you know facebook accounts for 90% of the game market (sarcasm)

PotNoodle3416d ago

Well how people class a gamer isn't really relevant. The way these companies see it is, who plays a game regularly - and all those people fit that category, and why is that relevant to their numbers? Because there is potential to get those people onto other games and earning money from those people.

TheIneffableBob3416d ago

I'd classify that as being a gamer as you have to devote some time to that game.

I would not consider those who play quick play-when-you're-bored games like solitaire as gamers.

mindedone3415d ago

I disagree. If these people are only playing freeware, there may be no market or revenue stream through these people. I for one have never purchased a game on my phone, but play games all the time on it. Same for my girlfriend. She uses my phone to game constantly, but I'd be [email protected] if she is buying something on it.

PotNoodle3415d ago


Ah, but this is it. There are two things for that:

1) If they're interested in games enough to spend the time some of these people do on even the free flash games, then there is POTENTIAL for them to get hooked. Flash games could be that gateway drug, they might see a game that has farmville like mechanics or even a similar art style on their iPhone, that costs £2.99 or something and they buy it. So they're technically buying games there, even if it is just one - that then opens up their mind to buying more games, and even progressing into different platforms.

2) Advertising. An application that has a high average playing time on will fetch massive advertising revenue, so there is the potential.

I'm not saying it is like that for everyone, nowhere near, but there is always the potential - everyone started the games somewhere, they could have just played Tetris on the someone's gameboy, they could of started playing flash games at work, there is POTENTIAL.

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Theonik3416d ago

This is actually a really hard question to ask and there is no simple answer to it.
But consider this:
How many people own DSs and play nothing on them than Brain age occasionally. Aren't we already counting those as gamers when we think about how many people own DSs? Then how many people bought a Wii and just play Wii sports occasionally? Or a PS3 as a Blu-ray player and only maybe own a couple of games or the 360 and only 1-2 games.
You can see that from their attach rates. They are very low despite most people that you'd meet here having much more than that.

By definition a gamer is someone that plays games. :S

Weaksauce11383416d ago

The spin and semantic games get nuts but yes, gamers play games. Plants vs Zombies on a touch screen is amazing! But I guess from the vocal majority here, that isn't even a "game"

Theonik3416d ago

Yeah my point was that if people playing games on the iPhone aren't gamers can't the same be said for a big chunk of the other platforms as well?

radphil3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )


That's not a good example that you're using. People here CONSIDER Plants vs Zombies a game. What people are complaining at it having an app of say a random bowling game, or something along the lines of farmville. They're games, but they're designed essentially to solely get money out of you.

Yes they're games, but it's kinda hard-pressed to compare the quality of a game that takes about 2 years to make vs a game that can take 2 months.

RememberThe3573416d ago

In this case I think it takes a gamer to know a gamer. To me they would be people who play games, not "gamers". A gamer gets excited for the new big releases and that niche game that no one knows about.

For me the difference between a gamer and a person who plays games is the passion they have for the medium.

sikbeta3415d ago

lol this is for real? you dare to compare a DS with an i-turd!?, seriously we're talking about Real Games vs mini-games, how is it possible to compare?....

bjornbear3415d ago

a casual gamer, yes.

a real devoted gaming fan, no. =3

are we going to see all these apple vs nintendo vs sony article now?! Oh dear -_-

apple stick to what you were good at! making things reliable! you're getting off track

fatstarr3415d ago

like what type of bs study. lol its awesome how the ds only function is to play video games and its beating apples ass in every country. also the stats include itouch ipad and iphone vs just the stand alone ds. if you were to put psp and ds together you would see the number of real hand held gaming vs the i line of crap.

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CrazyForGames3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

so how did they get those numbers just from surveying 10,000 people?

they say less people much less people pay for their games on iphone/ipod so if there are supposedly 40million people playing games on their ipods/iphones and only about 17m of them are paying for their games then the rest must be playing free ware?
they even say only about 6.6 million spend about 10$ a month on games

Kyur4ThePain3416d ago

For those when does someone become a gamer?
I bought a PS3 as a Blu-Ray player, but I also have about 35 games for it. Am I a gamer yet?

dark-hollow3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Ipod is the wii of the handhelds
It games are gimmicky and boring after you play it for some time
Give me one game like the quality of peace walker on the ipod then I will consider it as an gaming device

CrazyForGames3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

uh no that's a terrible comparison because unlike the ipod the wii has ALLOT of good games it has ALLOT of quality games
just because you don't have a thing for games on the wii doesn't make them bad and that's more than can be said about 95% of ipod games

dredgewalker3416d ago

Don't ever compare a Wii to an Ipod, bad comparison there. Even the old Gameboy has a better game library than this portable wannabe. Do people who write these expect real gamers to believe this BS. Quantity over quality again and don't expect real gamers to take Apple seriously. My blood pressure is rising at Apple's claim to be the king of portables. I own an Ipod, PSP and DS and guess which portable keep me busy gaming during a long's a hint it ain't an Apple product.

sikbeta3415d ago

Hey, I know the wii is lame and all, but it's a Console and no one can change that, the i-thingies are just expensive phones and gaming platforms wannabe...

NintendoForever3416d ago

then no you're not a gamer you're just a person who likes to watch blu-ray movies..

lonix3416d ago

They mean someone who bought flight control or angry birds then yes
But I don't consider those to be games more gimmicks

iamnsuperman3415d ago

They are good games I do not see why people say the are not.....The might not be Socom but the Iphone does have some really good games for a cheap price....There is a lot of crap but lets be honest there is a lot of crap on major consoles. I am a gamer I look forward to the latest releases like Killzone and I buy these types of games when I afford them.... I appreciate the quality of games on the App store they are really good games. When I heard about Jelly car 2 I was exciting because jelly car 1 was amazing. People who have Iphones no how good and popular these games are. People need to stop living in the warped bubble that Iphone games are crap. If you play the good games you get addicted trust me.....Sony released the minis recently to try and tap into this market. Small games are popular and very much profitable

dark-hollow3416d ago

Since whin the ipod is considered as a gaming device?
sure angry bird is fun but I prefer buttons for real gaming
it games are just time wasters and I dare you to name me one game that you gonna play it for more than two weeks before deleting it

lonix3416d ago

How angry birds can be considered fun, guess I bought it with high expectations and was very disappointed

sak5003416d ago

Depends on which platform. I've played it to death on Nokia N900 and when i'll receive my iPhone4 later next week will get it on that as well. One of the most fun games on a cellphone. I've bought all the level packs. Saves so much time outside waiting for some appointment or even in toilet.

Only nerds who dont go outside only consider gaming to be real on consoles or pcs.

jeffrey2223416d ago

zenonia 1 and 2..and Imo: The world of magic <--MMORPG

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