Yun and Yang coming to Super Street Fighter IV arcade, chances of a console release?

PS3 Attitude: The location tests for Super Street Fighter IV arcade have begun in Japan and Yun and Yang are finally confirmed as playable characters.

According to the SSFIV blog, future developments regarding the console version will be announced at TGS. Will the changes from the arcade version make it as DLC? Although nothing is confirmed yet, it does seem likely.

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Yi-Long2959d ago

... especially if they also come with a couple of new background stages...

However, I hold my heart, and even more my wallet, in fear over what this is gonna mean for the console-version. Capcom is already asking crazy money over some new costumes, so I don't want to imagine how much a new character would cost.

Delriach2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

True. If they go by the standard that Arc System Works is trying to make with the BlazBlue characters, it could end up being at least $8. While it'll be wort it in the end, I would hope it ends up being cheaper.

Yi-Long2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

... the shameless BlazBlue DLC-milking is the reason I haven't picked up that game yet. Just wayyy too expensive.

I know some will argue that it's worth it and you get a lot of playtime out of a character you like and all that... but 8 bucks is 8 bucks, and instead of buying 2-3 characters I'd rather spend that money on a complete game from the bargainbin.

I mean, a game like Mass Effect can be found for 10 bucks here in Holland, NEW, and including all the DLC!

For me, DLC is a way to milk gamers out of their money after they've already paid for the product. I can understand why some people want to be okay with that, but personally, I've never bought any DLC and I mostly boycotted any game that announced DLC-milking...

If more people would have done that, maybe we now wouldn't have had this discussion ofcourse ;)

So, although I like these characters, I most likely will never buy them if they come as DLC.

Baka-akaB2959d ago

But they dont go by that standard . For all the "hate" capcom receives , you'd believe Capcom is the devil .

Yeah sure they made dubious dlc moves , but in the subject that matter here fighting games ?

They did not release pack of colors , they did not sell christmas costumes , nor voices , stages , cheat versions of characters , nor any character yet .

Still every frickin' mvc3 thread there would some random idiot claiming Spiderman and a few major chars would be dlcs , among other things .
If they were as nefarious as claiming , they'd have just released tvc on ps3/360 upscaled with all the change they did for the western wii tvc , and sold bunch of characters .

They'd would have sold as well those free tournament and championship
dlcs .

And they would have sliced and diced up 10 characters of ssf4 in packs costing more than the disc in total .

I say get over whatever crap the resident evil parts of Capcom do , and remember that so far all they did was selling for the most part ugly alternative costumes , a type of dlc that everyone pretty much do without getting as much heat .

Just wait and see

Delriach2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Baka, I don't even think the Resident Evil situation was that bad. Versus mode was $5 and available shortly after the launch of the game. Don't know why people made such a big deal about it considering there was online co-op in the story mode and in mercs. The gameplay in RE5 doesn't even make sense for a Versus mode. It isn't like anyone was missing out on any sort of fun with the mode in the first place.

Plus I think Capcom long redeemed themselves for that situation with the release of Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape.

topdawg1222959d ago

I think they'll most likely do a pack for the new characters if they come to consoles. Word is there is supposed to be at least 6 new characters for the arcade. I can't see them not releasing this as a DLC pack of some sorts for the console version. They will definitely try to milk this for sure, maybe like 20 - 30$ for all, which is actually not that bad compared to the blazblue characters. I will definitely buy this for sure as I feel it is worth the money, I've already got about 300+ hrs. for SSF4.

Hopefully Rolento makes it in, he may be my new main if he's in!

Delriach2959d ago

I would love to play as Rolento. I was really hoping he'd be in Super right from the start.

Myst2959d ago

Cool, now what about my capoiera queen Elena :D?

3sq2959d ago

"Yun and Yang coming to Super Street Fighter IV arcade, chances of a console" release?

Of course but just $5 per character.

tyrex2959d ago

but where is Elena? i mean come on capcom. please

Delriach2959d ago

It wouldn't surprise me to see more Third Strike characters.

Baka-akaB2959d ago

"• Makoto's EX Dash Punch (Hayate) now breaks armor. She also received a slightly faster walk speed and her Axe Kicks are more like they were in Third Strike."

That alone would make it worth a new dlc for me lol

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