IGN: TGS Predictions: The Future of the Rising Sun

Next week, a few brave IGN editors fly off to Japan to cover the Tokyo Game Show -- Japan's biggest exhibition of videogames, cute cosplayers and giant robots with laser shotguns. Based out of the Makuhari Messe, TGS is the place for big announcements from some of your favorite developers from Japan.

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silkrevolver3415d ago


-Alpha3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Yeah that's pretty much all I'm looking forward to, plus FF Versus.

ICO HD Collection, Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PS3, and Dark Cloud 3 will personally be icing on the cake.

Personally I don't care to hear about Move and some of the launch games they will be discussing. It just doesn't interest me for a Tokyo Game Show. As far as I'm concerned MS doesn't even exist at TGS.

I want authentic products straight from the House of the Rising Sun. Contrast to American products like Halo or iNFamous, Japanese games have always known how to invoke a reaction from me that makes my heart sink in awe and wonder.

Games like Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Cloud 2 speak to me in a way American games never have. The Last Guardian is the darkhorse for 2011 GOTY IMO. Forget Killzone 3, iNFamous 2, or Gears 3. TLG is set to be an experience of a lifetime. Shadow of the Colossus still haunts my thoughts, no joke.

DigitalRaptor3415d ago

Totally agree Alpha.

Personally all I want from TGS is more info/footage from Versus XIII and The Last Guardian. That's all I want! And everything else would be icing on the cake.

cool cole3415d ago

I will shit my pants if Dark Cloud 3 is announced.

-Alpha3415d ago

I will eat shit FOR it to be announced.

cool cole3415d ago

If TGS had Dark Cloud 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3 both announced, I would die and go to heaven.

RockmanII73415d ago

Why has everyone forgot that Capcom has announced that there will be a new Megaman game announced this year? That has to be at TGS because there is no other big event for the rest of the year.

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Misterhbk3415d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3;
The spin off games are great, dont get me wrong but it's just time to get back to Sora and the main story.

Suikoden VI;
It's be simply too long since we last saw one of these games. I miss the awesome battle system and different forms of combat involved with these games. Time to announce the next game.

New IP for Microsoft;
I've been mainly a PS3 gamer this gen with two 360's dying on me, but I recently picked up the slim and I want some JRPG love. Since Lost Oddysey and Blue Dragon there haven't been any amazing JRPG's released on the console. It's time for Mistwalker to reveal something...ANYTHING new that they've been working on. This is TGS after all so it would only make sense for them to announce at least one new JRPG for the 360 here.

Last but not least, I'd like for Square Enix to end the debacle over Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Seriously, quit fucking around with gamers and just let us know whether or not it's going multiplat or if it's gonna be a PS3 exclusive. So long as they dont ruin the game I could really care less, if it is or not, I just want the subject to be ended once and for all.

Natsu X FairyTail3415d ago

yeah I'm growing Tired of all the KingDom heart Spinoffs. Hopefully they show something for Next-gen Consoles. And Yeah a new Jrpg on Xbox360 woudlnt hurt.

albel_nox3415d ago

I know its a longshot but I would really like an announcement for a new Suikoden or Valkyrie Profile. A PS3 and/or 360 version of both of those series are long overdue.

kagon013415d ago

The announcement of KOFXIII for console release, like it or not SF fans...

Lavalamp3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

I predict a Valkyria Chronicles 2 announcement for the PS3 followed by me dying from happiness. Also, Ni no Kuni will make an appearance and my reincarnation will die as well.

tunaks13415d ago

im pretty sure nintendo doesn't attend the tgs, instead they hold their own conference,
what i am excited form KH3 dammit!!!

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