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redDevil873427d ago

Man that is easily one of the best games i've played. Relaxing, lovely graphics, somber music and no stress involved. Makes me hope for a sequel.

redDevil873427d ago

wtf why did i say somber lol i mean tranquile

DigitalRaptor3427d ago

There won't be a sequel to Flower, but the same developer is making a game called Journey, which looks breathtaking! :)

InfectedDK3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Shatter is not there..?
What about Warhawk..?
PixelJunk Monsters?
Worms 2..?
Siren: Blood Curse ?
Super Stardust HD?

Trine and Comet Crash should not be there.

Sillyace923427d ago

Definitely PixelJunk Monsters.

akiraburn3427d ago

While I completely respect their opinions, I don't personally agree with list. I definitely would have had Shatter on there. And even though Pixeljunk gets an honorable mention, I think that both PJ: Eden and PJ: Shooter are much more suited to top 10 PSN titles than some of their other choices. I actually didn't enjoy Braid enough for it to be a top 10 kind of game, and I probably would have switched a few others out as well. However I have been thoroughly enjoying Death Spank and Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and either one could easily make a spot on there for me. But I do agree with their choices of Flower, Joe Danger, Wipeout HD, and Fat Princess for sure.

Red_Phoenix3427d ago

I totally agree with the number one! Flower was and still is one of the best psn games I have ever played. It is so beautiful and just a complete masterpiece, in my opinion.

All_4_One3427d ago

I`m going to have to go with Wipeout HD, followed by Joe Danger and Flower tied for a strong second.

SpaceFox3427d ago

All those games are awesome, but no BF 1943? Best selling game on PSN, and a lot of replayability for 15 bucks.

HydraxFFx3427d ago

I love the Braid music.

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The story is too old to be commented.