Xbox 360 Kinect Dashboard 2.0.12416.0 leaked

MaxConsole writes: It has come to our attention that Xbox 360 Kinect Dashboard Update, version 2.0.12416.0 has been leaked online. The dashboard even includes the avatars, something previous leaked dashboard updates have not.

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RanmaSaotome3427d ago

better? damn never thought those words would come out of my mouth lol.

GreenRingOfLife3427d ago

Its amazing how Microsoft can continue to keep making things better and better

Immortal3213427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

for controllers

oh really who disagree

BeeAreWhyAyeEn3427d ago

This is a sideways XMB with picture blocks...

captain-obvious3427d ago

personally I still like the god old blades dashbored

the others do look nice and better
but that just me

anyway on topic
It looks so much like the current one but this one is like more in your face

Megaton3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Funny that BeeAreWhyAyeEn got so many disagrees, seeing as how he's absolutely correct. The NXE has always been the XMB turned sideways. It's not as direct for finding things as the XMB is, and it focuses on block images where the XMB uses text and icons, but it functions identically.

pimpmaster3427d ago

i dunno if i should update my moded console to this. its offline n all but maybe itll make me lose my hdd installs.

Anon19743427d ago

I like the simple layout - everything neatly arranged horizontally. It is a little like the XMB, but nothing opens up and down.

Personally, count me as one of ones who still misses the old blades.

Stealth Disagreer3427d ago

I hope this is more organized the nxe in its current state is like looking for a needle in a needle stack sometimes

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FACTUAL evidence3427d ago

Looks the same. Just not as kiddie.

nickjkl3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

ranma are you joking or are you serious

it basically looks the same as the old interface but without the pizzaz

Naughty Dog3427d ago Show
KiLLUMiNATi_893427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

60$ for this wow ms good job. Wonderful job. Pathetic

Blaze9293426d ago

WOW that dashboard is fast! Finally Microsoft. Hell yeah can't wait.

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MGRogue20173427d ago

I really like the look of the new dashboard here.. so much more.. What's the word.. Ummm, Sexy. :P

-Alpha3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I like it too, looks very clean cut and simple. I love how user-friendly XBL's interface is with its 101 features and things like that.

The selection screens, etc. have a nice slick simplicity to them. It's pretty much the XMB minus the 2.5D view and fleshed out with more things, though sometimes I find navigation can be a little confusing when I search through certain things, but I guess it's because I'm still not familiar with XBL.

One thing that annoys me is my inability to put my own background picture without the UI taking up 75% of the screen

ChronoJoe3427d ago

Pretty easy to use for the most part, just sometimes I have problems finding some of the finer setting options.

Not that big of a deal though. XMB is easier, but I think NXE looks better.

siyrobbo3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

i find the xmb outdated, especially now move is out

they really need to integrate move more into it, maybe they will show something at tgs

ChronoJoe3427d ago

Looks generic, thought it looked better before. With the patterned background. Maybe this isn't is an early build of that version though.

kaveti66163427d ago

What does 'generic' mean? Seriously, I've seen it used so many times for so many different things, I've forgotten the meaning.

It looks pretty unique to me. If you and everyone else in the world wore converse sneakers and black jackets, I'd say you all looked generic. But the 360 dashboard doesn't look like every other dashboard in the electronic world, yet you call it generic.

I think the term you were looking for is plain. Although, some people like the dashboard to not have a lot of shit on it, which has been a major complain of the NXE dashboard.

ChronoJoe3427d ago

Generic as in unidentifiable from any other random background.

I don't think it's a big deal, though. Can change the theme anyway... maybe even to what it was before. I don't mind the 'shit' on the dashboard that you're referencing to though, the only thing that's annoying is advertising and redundant blades.

T9X693427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Why would this disable you from accessing XBL? Does that mean all the Kinect Beta testers 360's are bricked from XBL until November?

EDIT: Thanks, but I still don't get why download this and updating your Xbox with it would disable the access to XBL. I mean you said they can go online just not chat with people, so since this is the same exact update wouldn't it be the same thing for people who download it?

HeavenlySnipes3427d ago

They don't want them to go online and talk about Kinect. They had to sign something that said that they will have their chat options disabled and they cannot talk about Kinect while they have it. Its somethng like that. Someone will come and give all the specific details though. Thats the differnce between Sony and Microsoft.Ever since they announced the Move a year ago they have been showing the public videos of it in action and dicuss all the possiblities wit it. With Kinect we don't see anything other than dance Central Videos on Youtube....

matt19913427d ago

No they can go online but the beta testers cant talk in party's, hear voice messages untill november when EVERYONE else has the beta.

ActivistBike3427d ago

When you get into the beta you can sign onto XBL and play everything online but once you are in a private chat or party you cannot hear anybody and supposedly you sound like a robot. The reason why is because they are improving the quality of the voice chat in parties and private chats, but you can go into gamechat while playing online and hear and talk to everybody.

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