IGN: Resident Evil 5 & PlayStation Move: Does it Work?

IGN writes: "PlayStation Move hits store shelves on September 19th, and Sony has announced an eclectic collection of internally produced launch titles to go along with it. But non-Sony developers are working on Move experiences, too, and they'll begin trickling in soon after launch. One of the higher profile Move applications is an upcoming patch for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition that adds a motion control option for Capcom's action shooter on the Move's launch day".

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ArchangelMike3425d ago

Why Capcom chose to use the motion control layout they did, it's like the dev's delikberately wanted to gimp the motion controls.

Why would you not use the trigger button to shoot? Why would you not use the Move motion controls to look? Why relegate that function to the analogue stick? Did Capcom let the interns patch the move controls?!?

I expected better. Hopefully other devs take this as a lesson on how Not to do motino controls!

SpaceFox3425d ago

Well said man. They should have gone with the controls of RE4 Wii, that worked really well. Simple, accessible, and fun.

My dad's a huge fan of Resident Evil, he's played them all, and he said RE4 Wii's controls are probably the best of any RE game. Very easy to get a hang of, which for his age is rare. :P

inveni03425d ago

Hopefully, other devs learn from the mistakes of these early adopters. We know that the Move tech is sturdy...we just need some devs to put a little common sense behind it.

hikayu3425d ago

the weird thing is that they already figured out the perfect control for RE with motion control . i mean , they did RE4 wii edition years ago . it's not like they did that version after RE5's move edition . it's like they either became sooo lazy that they cant spend 1-2 week mapping the button to be ike the RE4 wii version or they intentionally gimp that Control so that people play multi against move people wont feel cheated out .

Hideo_Kojima3424d ago



ABizzel13425d ago

It's mind boggling why Move won't work with the original Resident Evil 5. Fortunately I liked RE5 and I may get the Gold edition since I lost my case to the original.

diatom3424d ago

Had the same problem, got a gold edition on sale at toys r us for 27$. Lots of deals to be had.

NegativeCreepWA3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Damn those controls sound horrible. I hope the Dead Space Dev's do a better job.

Capcom has never been very good at shooter controls though.

Random question, is the first Dead Space being done with move or just part 2?

scofios3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

@Scar 360WA  
Its only Dead Space extraction wich is a wii port , that will support move , for dead space 2 i am not sure , but dead space 1 i don't think so .

Taker_1293424d ago

Dead Space 2 will also have MOVE support

scofios3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Ok didn't know dead space 2 will support move , i only know about dead space extraction which will be included with the limited edition of dead space 2 for the ps3 .

Taker_1293424d ago

Its cool bro, just informing you.

jwk943424d ago

When did they say that Dead Space 2 has Move Support? All I've seen is that Extraction has it.

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Odin7773424d ago

I wonder if you can customize the button layout or something...if not that's kind of disappointing.

Parapraxis3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

I think this IGN guy is trolling everybody...d

"Users push the Move trigger to shoot and X button on the Move controller to run. Users could shake the Move controller to reload."

Also there was another preview on here and the guy LOVED the move controls.

"Brian Ashcraft and Stephen Totilo have already played Resident Evil 5 with Sony's new Move controller, and for the most part I agree with their conclusions: It does feel better than the standard controller, with only one minor issue keeping the controls from being perfect.

The control scheme has the player holding the PlayStation Move controller in the right hand and the thumb stick controller in the other. In order to shoot, you have to pull the trigger on the Move, aim with the ball, and then fire with the main Move button. This works for many folks, but it doesn't quite work for me."
- Kotaku

Sounds to me that there is only one tweak needed.
Rather than push the trigger to start the firing mechanic and Move button to fire, press the move button to begin the firing mechanic and pull the trigger to fire. (like cocking a gun then pulling the trigger)

But still, this is hardly as bad as the IGN guy is making it out to be.

Screw this IGN guy, clearly he is being a dick.

jwk943424d ago

The guy still said that he liked it, he just didn't like how you had to use the Move button to shoot, and how you had to use the left analog to move the camera while aiming. Plus instead of using trigger+Move+move trigger to shoot, wouldn't it be better to have the option to shoot all the time? Or just use the L1 button to aim and the T button to shoot?

vhero3424d ago

To be fair the game wasn't designed for MOVE controls and was made nearly 2 years ago.. Not bad attempt at patching an old game for modern tech... The thing you gotta ask yourself is can you do it with Kinect? Simple answer is no.. This isn't meant to be a shot at MS but the fact is at least PS Move can do it and if you want a new experience with RE5 only PS3 is the place to do it.

WildArmed3424d ago

I'm not sure, but i think they used the trigger to aim ur gun?
Which is fine too i guess o_O
(or maybe it's still L1?)

DigitalAnalog3424d ago

How HARD is it to make it into a similar control scheme like the Wii?

-End statement

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Stealth Disagreer3425d ago

"Resident Evil 5's default 'Motion A' scheme maps the quick-turn to the wand's X button, which makes zero sense to me because it puts the directional movement (left stick) and the actual quick-turn button (X) on two different hands."

Woah you mean like on a regular controller???? Those capcom boys are losing their shit over there

DaTruth3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I think they put two x and o buttons on the Move and Nav so Move would be compatible with left handed people. A standard controller with left and right handed people doesn't matter, but I think Move would really have to address the issue, especially with shooters.

redDevil873425d ago

Capcom seem to slowly be losing the plot :|

ChronoJoe3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Reviewed by a guy who was already annoyed by RE5s original control layout. Took further opportunity to gripe over pre-existing issues.

Sounds good though, overall. I mean RE5 is no different with a normal setup, Capcom don't want you shooting with the 'triggers' on a normal controller either.

I'd like to see Move support for lost planet 2 next, that game has 'bounding' already, so it's literally built for motion controls.

DaTruth3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I find Japanese layouts prefer the face buttons for most games. I started having pain in my index fingers when I was heavily into Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2, FF13 came as a huge relief to me.

Luckily GOW3 also relied on face buttons so my fingers healed up great, just in time for Peace Walker!(PSP triggers really hurt my indices.

ChronoJoe3425d ago

I got pains in my thumb when playing lost planet. Have to freaking spam O like 20 times on every control point... and I probably went through 1000s of control points...

I dunno about JP developers but... Capcom, certainly enjoy using control schemes to add learning curve/depth to there games. I don't mind it, because I don't mind a learning curve...

What I was saying though, I think people who enjoyed the intentionally unaccessible controller layout for RE5, won't have a problem with the move version... this guy however already had a problem with RE5.

Noobasaurus_REX3425d ago

see it being developed for REsi 5( if they make it) from day one

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