Apple to iPhone Developers: "No First Amendment here."

While the debate around freedom of speech, whether games qualify as speech, and how the law should/not censor games rages on, Apple have came to their own decision. Apps (which include some of the most creative mobile games) aren't protected speech. There's no First Amendment here. What does this mean for game developers?

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acronkyoung3426d ago

I'm sort of glad I haven't dived into the mess that is the app store yet.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3426d ago

A lot of tweens buy from the App store and although Apple could implement a rating system and parental controls to prevent minors from buying certain Apps you know they'd find a way to gain access. Why is it a bad thing that Apple wants to keep offensive and objectionable content from the App store again?

You can find that kind of crap just about anywhere you go but not in the iTunes App store. I applaud Steve for keeping it clean. Every company out there has rules and restrictions that you need to adhere too so if you think Steve and Co. are the evil empire, well then good luck with the other corps out there.

If you don't like what Apple is selling remember you don't have to buy their hardware or use their software, take your wares else where and much success to you. Problem over.

Millah3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

The successful ones are always the bad guys, remember? David is always the hero and Goliath is always the villain. The more successful and influential you are, you just become a larger target.

IcarusOne3426d ago

The problem (or the answer, depending on how you look at it) is Droid. With Google giving most devs free reign and a much more open system, Apple is looking more and more like a puritanical censorship-laden distopia.

The only way to maximize your iphone's potential is to jailbreak, which is unfortunate. Jobs's ego gets in the way too often, dictating to the consumer how they can use the phone that they bought and own.

Millah3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

So I guess Sony has an ego too because they don't allow you to run homebrew on your PS3? Hell, they won't even let you run Linux anymore, Kaz must be an egotist.

Get over that stupid argument. In order to keep consistency and order on a platform, there need to be rules. That goes with anything in life. Rules are always there for a reason. There hasn't been a single scheme yet on the iPhone with an app phishing or stealing anything from users phones, whereas this sort of thing has happened several times on Android already. With such little restrictions, you gotta pay a price, and unfortunately about 95% of average consumers aren't willing to pay that price or take that risk. They would much rather download something knowing it's safe, instead of having to do a little research to find out whether something will be harmful. Unfortunately, the majority of people aren't like tech snobs who think they should be allowed to run whatever kind of piracy or hack they want. Since Apple is the distributor for each app within iTunes, they get all the backlash when some parent finds his 12 yr old son downloading something inappropriate on his iPhone.

And just so you know, Google DOES have rules and guidelines for the Android market. They just don't enforce them very well.

Titanz3426d ago

Some developers have perverted ways.

jaosobno3426d ago

"Microsoft isn't much more permissive with their Windows Phone 7 series."

I mean really, creating a closed OS in the era of all present Android - what are they expecting, sales, insane licensing? I smell another Kin.

They merely created alternate iOS with the same "black box" principle in mind.

Android FTW.

Apocwhen3426d ago

Microsoft's development environment is a lot more friendly though for the Win Phone 7. Its applications are built using Silverlight or XNA for richer games. And because there are a lot of C# developers out there I think it could have a large app store itself. It's relatively easy to create an application for it and the development tools to do so are free.

admanb3425d ago

Android's app store is really taking off.

Lucreto3426d ago

And people say Sony and nintendo is losing customers to these apps and games. There is far more freedom on the PSP and DS.

It doesn't bother me as I don't have one of these smart phones and don't plan on getting one.

Millah3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


The opposite is true. Consoles are MUCH more restrictive than the iPhone. It isn't even close. There's no such thing as an open marketplace for ANY developer to sell and distribute software like there is on the iPhone. In order to distribute games on a console, you basically need to be backed by a major publisher. On DS/PSP there's no such thing as a 14 year old coding a game entirely by himself using a free SDK, and then having it distributed on the platform for free (Apple only taking 30% cut of paid apps, free apps cost nothing to distribute), and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is nothing like that on any Sony/NIntendo/MS game console. And guess what, they're all closed platforms just like the iPhone, with heavier restrictions. Ever wonder why you need to hack a PSP to run homebrew? Because Sony doesn't allow unsigned code. Just because you don't hear the media sensationalizing it, doesn't mean they don't have rules and restrictions.

Stealth20k3426d ago

Apple isnt in gaming. Thats just fact

Millah3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I never said Apple was a gaming company, did I? I talked about the nature of distributing software on game platforms versus iPhone, since that guy mentioned PSP/DS having a more open environment, which simply isn't true. It's not a pro-Apple or anti-Apple comment, its simply facts. And fact is, any average joe can't distribute and sell software on a PSP/DS the same way he can on an iPhone.

iamnsuperman3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

@Stealth20k they may not be a primary gaming company but that have done something to gaming for example Sony have tried to release minis to attract the audience Apple is getting....They definitely are influential in the gaming market (unknown if this was by accident but I doubt it...... its apple remember they love to try and dominate the world)

kasasensei3426d ago

Nothing is free with apple anyway.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3426d ago

Please point me in the direction of this free shit give away you're talking about. I want my free shit and I want it now!

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