Andriasang: Hands On With Kinect at Microsoft's Tokyo Media Briefing

Microsoft held its Xbox 360 Media Briefing in the stylish Ebisu area of Tokyo earlier this week. The annual press event serves as a sort of teaser for Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show showcase the following week, giving the press a more intimate chance to receive announcements and try game demos ahead of the masses that flood the Makuhari Messe once the show kicks off.

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N4GAddict3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I doubt Kinect will sell well in Japan.

darthv723426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Maybe they will have some quirky games that will appeal to the people and more units will sell. Despite the odds, you have to give them credit for continuing to fight the good fight.

Niceguy...Are there not at least 1 million 360's in japan? If the unit sells it would sell to those 1 million and quite possibly more if the games are appealing to that demographic. Keep in mind that not every country likes the same games as another.

"I think YOU GUYS mean you hope it doesn't sell well." I know you didnt just generalize me with the PS3 fan crowd.

niceguywii603426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Well you're probably a PS3 fanboy. I think you guys mean you hope it doesn't sell well. Of course you guys been saying this and that about the 360 for years, you're never right.


CaptainMarvelQ83426d ago

the 360 is struggling against the ps2 in japan

3426d ago
sinncross3426d ago

Just like Final Fantasy 13

KratosGirI3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Only time will tell.

But honestly, I don't really care.

I'll probably have the chance to try it out in October if it's gonna be present at GITEX, but buh.

darthv723426d ago

hole in the wall. I know there was a show in the US based off that japanese show. Make the game to be a physical shape matching type with a moving wall that comes towards the player on screen.

There could be obstacles to have to jump over or lie down to get through. It certainly would be a game that wii or move would not be able to do and be well suited not only to the kinect but the japanese demographic.

DarkTower8053426d ago

Why are they standing so far away from the tv?

dragon823426d ago

Because you need to be about 7-8 feet away for it to work properly. This is the only reason why I will not be getting one. I usually try ato buy all new tech when it comes out because i ljust plain love tech but I just don't have enough room in my living room to use Kinect. Even if I took all of my furniture out of my living room I would still be standing against the wall trying to play. :(

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beardpapa3426d ago

i don't know how much it will appeal to the Japanese market especially by the looks of the pictures and the little T tape on the floor, it seems they really have to stand quite far to use it, and most Japanese residences don't have that large of a living room.

BrianG3426d ago

I noticed that to, it seems to have quite the learning curve and a nice set of requirements for use. I probably wouldn't have a problem with the curve, cause I'm a gamer, but how would a casual deal with it?

haha, probably just assume its supposed to be that way and play.

But I am interested to see how they do in Japan, it is a market they've yet to capture, but the barriers to enter Japan are quite high since the people are so choosy when it comes to technology and anything else for that matter. As a marketing major I'd suggest they do some research and do some heavy advertising, without that it would be hard to get Japanese talking about your product.

jdigitalseven3426d ago

The Japanese are smart and know what the Sega Activator 2.0(Kinetic) is all about.

3426d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.