Video Interview: “No game is offering the value of Killzone 3″ says producer

At PAX 2010 in Seattle, WA Chris Solis got to chat about Killzone 3 with North American Producer Mike Gram amidst the crowds. Gram left Solis with some interesting responses.

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himdeel3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

..."Well honestly the game sucks!" This is what you say when you put a game out there...

All in all I'm looking forward to my beta invite.

Seijoru3416d ago

GT5, LBP2, and Reach can also fit into that category of high value.

Gam3s4lif33416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

i agree , maybe black ops too imo..

Tommykrem3416d ago

No, maybe not.
I feel like we can conclude with LBP2, GT5, Halo: Reach and Killzone 3.

colonel1793416d ago

call of duty and value cannot be in the same sentence...

Rumor3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

And I'm pro ps3 and killzone one of my favorite franchises(still play kz2), but killzone 3 hasn't really shown me anything new and featureful like black ops and reach had shown fps wise.And lbp2 blows features out the water! Jetpacks, snappier controls, brutal melee, diff enviornments, move support, 8 man squads, 3d. That's it really. And I reeeeeaaaallly hate the friggin spawn times! Hurry gg show me FEATURES! black ops is coming, and I might just buy that instead of waiting til feb !

TheLastGuardian3416d ago

LBP2 offering way more value than Killzone 3. They will both be awesome but LBP2 will not get old for a long time because of the great tools for creating awesome levels and playing millions of user created levels.

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trancefreak3416d ago

what are those boxes in the background servers for the mplayer there? Almost looks like a 360 s. That was a sony booth only I assume.

EvilBlackCat3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

"i am the most smartest guy in the world"

see i can say good things about me too

yaz2883416d ago

"No game is offering the value of Killzone 3"
why dont't you guys just watch the hole f**king video O_o

the guy has a point ..

Noble Spartan3416d ago

Halo Reach called..endless value...we will see Killzone 2 had no value at dont know yet...go and see how many people are playing that near the 100s...on

Halo Reach


endless customization. Hope they add all this is Killzone 3 :P

jrbeerman113416d ago

I hope so too. Love both the games as they are similar but use differently types of gameplay within the FPS genre.

I do like it when a game sees another do something well like halo adopting the horde mode of gears, or killzone 3 adopting jetpacks like reach, or tons of games using a cover system. if it works why not adopt it?

I would like to see something like a firefight or horde in Killzone 3, I would also like to see the cover system in multi, and map editors are welcome in any game, like halo, GT, and LBP.

We already know Killzone takes alot from other genres already, and thats what makes it a good game. Hope they continue to add features on top of what looks like a beautiful game.

BABY-JEDI3416d ago

Then just stick to Halo. No complaints. They are different game types for different people.

hobo513416d ago

does anyone know wen beta invites are going out?

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maniacmayhem3416d ago

Sounds interesting, can't wait.

3416d ago
R2D23415d ago

E and T are letters not words.

Elvfam5113416d ago

It depends on the person taste but yeah,,,, Wooo KZ3

KZ2 party no yes maybe so....