Popular Mechanics: Halo Reach has perfected game audio, a true Masterpiece

The most disturbing environment in Halo: Reach is one you'll never find. It's stark and absurd: a cavernous stone passage that seems to extend forever, flanked on one side with brackish green water, populated with disembodied air-lock doors, grounded aircraft and hot-pink bands running across the floor, walls and ceiling.

In his combined office and recording studio in Bungie's Kirkland, Wash., offices, Audio Director Marty O'Donnell taps at a keyboard and, in Matrix-esque fashion, a purple alien attack craft dumps into the virtual space. He tosses a grenade at the Banshee and, as he explains that there are 13 separate sound effects triggered here, the explosion bangs against the craft, which rocks in place, sheds fuselage and sizzles. Then, all 13 effects roll down across the computer monitor as individual text markers

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goldensfree3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Indeed! Reach is the best halo game their ever going to make.

cant wait to see whats coming next from Bungie XD

even if they went to Activison tho after Infinity Ward... I jus hope they can keep their team n do what they do.

Galaxia3423d ago

Whoever wrote this article seriously overrated Halo's music if he claims that nothing else compares.

What about God of War's themes? Akira Yamaoka's work on Silent Hill is legendary, what about MGS themes by Harry Gregson Williams. Even Dragon Age's main theme is more memorable to me than Halo's. Not saying Halo has bad music, just that this guy is seriously overrating it.

goldensfree3423d ago

gotta take it wit a grain of salt

still some epic stuff in the game lets see if we can hear the difference when it hit eh XD

Galaxia3423d ago

Yeah you're right. It just annoyed me how many times this guy mentioned that all video game music except for Mario Bro's 1 and Halo is bland and generic. Makes me think he hasn't really played any games other than those too.

I really think Music is an extremely important aspect of a game, such a great mood setter. Would the old Resident Evil games be half as scary without those chilling atmospheric tunes in the background? I think not.

So it struck me as odd that this guy literally dismissed every game except Halo's music in an article about how important game music is.

Imperator3423d ago

Halo's soundtrack has always been awesome, but I wouldn't say it's the "best ever."

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ArmrdChaos3423d ago

Seems that individuals these days get so wrapped up in pixel counting that they forget all about the importance of what audio can do for a game. This guy is definitely a difference maker.

8thnightvolley3423d ago

ya cant wait to feel what he has done with halo reach MARTY ftw

Megaton3423d ago

The most notable use of audio I can think of this gen is in Dead Space. There were constantly noises around you, and while you can usually tell which ones are just there for background effect in similar games, you really never knew in Dead Space. Sometimes there really was a monster accompanying that echoed sound of something metal falling over down the hall, and sometimes it was nothing but noise. Went a very long way to create a superb sense of atmosphere.

hellraiserpop3423d ago

I can't wait to see more of his works. One of the main reasons I can't wait for Bungie's next game. New universe= totally new musical theme.

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The story is too old to be commented.