Pachter: Black Ops To Outsell Halo Reach

NowGamer: Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has discussed why he believes Call of Duty: Black Ops will outsell Halo Reach, as well as sales of the game and the future of the franchise...

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aviator1893423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"Because it will be multi-platform, I think Black Ops will outsell Halo Reach," the guys says. Wow, what an easy job!
Any person with some sense could have come up with that statement.

SixZeroFour3423d ago

lol at ppl defending gt5p as a demo (which they had to buy) while at the same time complain about the price tag of odst back then

i kinda remember back when odst was releasing, ppl defending odst's price usually brought gt5p into the arguement with "you are complaining about an "expansion" but prolly bought gt5p "the demo" anyways" and ppl contesting to that saying "gt5p wasnt a demo" to justify buying taht gt5 is coming out, those same defenders are saying its a demo? so how will they justify buying it

Game-ur3423d ago

What angered gamers was promoting ODST as a full game, GT5P was always a sample.

Concerning sales even MOH can outsell reach, it's on 360 PS3 and PC, it's very possible for it to sell 4m on each platform.

SixZeroFour3423d ago

and for myself...odst the game was technically $30 CDN cause it came with the 3 halo 3 multiplayer map packs that i didnt buy (originally 800msp = $10 each)

so no, i dont believe for everyone (maybe some that bought all the map packs) odst price was bad

Tommykrem3423d ago

Yeah, GT5p cost half of a normal game.
And it offered the first look into GT on PS3. With actually quite a lot of cars, an own TV channel (featuring Top Gear among others) and quite a lot more. GT5p was good value for the money. GT5 will be insane value for its money (even signature edition), and unlike ODST it covered up a huge wait between two games in the main series (didn't come out one year before the real game). Besides, GT has always had Prologues to cover up the wait between games. How do you else think we GT fans manage to survive the five years between GT4 and GT5?

But even though ODST is one of the shortest games ever, I'd still say it's worth it for the awesome online. Especially for firefight.

bjornbear3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

well done, you deserve a promotion for that one


GT5p was half the price of a full game...and I don't care what ODST was TO YOU. THE RETAIL PRICE was that of a full game.

why were they brought up anyway? I'm confused,
but clearly you are far more confused since you didn't even know GT5p WAS LESS than a full game and COST LESS than a full game

*claps* well done, you and patcher both deserve a medal

*edit* now I know what you are replying you're more special than I thought can't even reply straight
*pats back of head* its ok lil' guy, next time just ignore PS3 fanboys bickering with 360 fanboys, use the ignore button =3

pustulio3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Halo: Reach = Xbox 360
Cod:Black Ops = PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

No wonder why the hell is going to sell more.

Pachter still fails even when he is right he is just right about the obvious.

pimpmaster3423d ago

i dont think itll outsell it. yea of course cause its multiplat. but only on 360 halo will defenetly outsell cod7

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Lou-Cipher3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

I think Pachter is saying that because Microsoft said Halo Reach would sell more than Black Ops.

Gran Turismo 5 & Black Ops will both sell more than Reach. I dont see Reach selling more than Halo 3. Spin offs never do better than numbered games. If it was Halo 4 & it had Master Chief it would probably sell better than Halo 3. Plus, there is alot more Halo fatigue than Halo 3 had.

Steve_Urkel3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Because Microsoft is talking about Black Ops on 360. Will Reach outsell the 360 version of Black Ops? Very Possible.

Reach a spin off? It must be a pretty good spin off to have more pre-orders than what most PS3 exclusives actually sell. GT5 sell more than Reach? Ha don't make me laugh.

Did I dooo that?

Natsu X FairyTail3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

lol @ GT5 selling more than Halo reach. A racing game selling more than Halo Really? And no dont shoot me the Sales numbers for all the GT games that have been sold since The first game back in 96.

TIMES DONE CHANGED buddy. Everybody knows that. lol @ Even ODST sold more than that GT5prologue game that came out yearsss ago.

CMON SON! Oh and Im in no way KNOCKING GT games I like em. Just keeping it 100.

@ Lou-cipher

Dude you know just Aswell as EVERYBODY that GT5 prologue wasnt Promoted and SOLD as a DEMO . Only us NERDS on the internet knew it was A Demo in a way. And WTF @ SELLING DEMOES in the 1st place. Where they do that at?

Lou-Cipher3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Im not saying Reach is a bad game, but there is no doubt about it, It is a Spin off. No matter how many pre-orders it gets, it is still a spin off of the Halo Universe, just like MGS Rising is a Spin Off of Metal Gear Solid.

Reach will demolish GT5 in America, but Reach wont have a chance in Europe or Asia, much less the rest of the world.

Gran Turismo 5 = 12-15 Million Worldwide Lifetime Sales
Halo Reach = 8-10 Million Worldwide Lifetime Sales

Laugh all you want to, but Reach doesn't have a shot at beating GT5's Worlwide Sales.

@Natsu X FairyTail

Did you really just compare a Demo to ODST? Really?

young juice3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

"GT5 sell more than Reach? Ha don't make me laugh."

laughter is a source of happiness.


none of you have really said anything that solidifies reach outselling GT or vice-versa. why dont you children do your whining once both of the games have been out for a good amount of time. instead of arguing with (on the surface) blind fanboys.

Steve_Urkel3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

@Lou-Cipher - Halo Universe does not = Master Chief. It's not a spin off.

This isn't the glory PS2 games, racing games are not as popular as they use to be. Shooters have dominated this generation and for you to say otherwise just proves you're in denial. Halo Reach will outsell GT5 worldwide. You're going to be disappointed this November if you think otherwise.

EDIT: GT5P was not a demo. Demos are not sold. GT5P was on store shelves and sold for $40. Don't try to spin shit little boy.

Did I dooo that?

@young juice - No its not. I can laugh at stupidity, and I'm doing it right now.

CernaML3423d ago

Because GT3 sold 15 million the first month it released. God, you people are dumb.

Dramscus3423d ago

gt5 p was also sold on the psn which sony doesn't provide sales statistics for.

ASSASSYN 36o3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

You all have no damn idea what a spin off is. Reach IS NOT a spin off. A spin off in the correct context would be if a game was made solely about an Elite or minor character in the Halo universe.

Reach is an event that takes place in the continuing series of the halo game.

kissmeimgreek3423d ago

idiot. their is a difference between a prequel and a spin off.

N4PS3Fanboys3423d ago

Reach will definitely sell more than Halo 3. It already has more preorders than Modern Warfare 2, which in turn had more preorders than Halo 3. It is also the last Halo game from Bungie and is set to be the best in the series.

Gran Turismo 5's preorders are actually laughable in comparison. Fable III is outpacing it, and as much as I hate to say it, Kinect Adventures! is actually closing in on it in American preorders. In fact, with the way things are looking, GT5 would be lucky to sell half as much as Reach in its opening month. But to think it will outsell it is insane.

cortunefookie3423d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will not sell more than Halo: Reach.
Reasons why I believe so:

1.) Demographic aimed for GT5 is much smaller than Halo: Reach. The Demographic is aimed towards teens through older gamers. Within this demographic, these people will most likely enjoy cars. Halo: Reach is a bit larger than that since it entails kids a tad bit younger from ages of 8 through older gamers.

2.) Probably the biggest reason why Halo: Reach will sell more than GT5 is because like many people said before me, this current gaming generation is more inclined on playing shooters rather than playing driving simulations. Shooters are more casual, and are easier to get into. Driving games often take much more time, especially with the GT series. Figuring out how you want to tune the car for each specific car and race takes a lot of time.

Coming from a person who has 2 Ps3s, and 1 Xbox360, I am more inclined to Ps3s, but for this specific topic, I will side with the Xbox360. Oh also, I have both games pre-ordered.

Onto the original topic at hand, this is a no brainer. Of course Black ops will outsell Halo: Reach. Since it multiplatform on 4 systems I believe, PC, Xbox360, Ps3, and the Wii, it has a wider audience, and doesn't restrict to console basis. The REAL question that should be asked is if Halo: Reach will outsell Black Ops on Xbox 360?

Gilliand3423d ago

Just when I thought you were leaving fanboyism, well I'm proud you lasted a week even though you had a relapse.

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dark-hollow3423d ago

Look I am mainly a ps3 person but if anybody who thinks that gt5 gonna outsell reach is gonna be disappointed
this gen fps games rules and its the most popular gener this gen
I know gt will sell a lot but I highly doubt that it will outsell any poplar fps game this gen

Deputydon3423d ago

This is the most pointless article ever.

He states that the only reason Black Ops will outsell Halo is because it's multiplatform. Everyone knows that. The real question is will black ops outsell Halo Reach on JUST the 360. Patcher thinks Reach will sell more on just the 360 (he stated this on the lastbonus round).

So this article is completely pointless.

Kappa Mikey3423d ago

That's pretty obvious seeing that black ops is multiplatform, hmm maybe I should be an analyst if it's this easy

Areeb113423d ago

yeah thats sounds good

Kappa Mikey3421d ago

hmm that doesn't sound 2 bad areeb

solar3423d ago

sorry aviator189 i accidentally hit disagree when i went to click reply. i bubbled you up for it.

as for Pachter: HE IS A FREAKING GENIUS!!!


Imperator3423d ago

I think Black Ops will outsell Reach both on the 360 AND on as a multiplat title. Didn't MW2 sell like 12 million on 360? That's 2 million above Halo 3.

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dark-hollow3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Patcher....i want your job
I mean getting paid for speaking nonsense and the obvious= best job ever

poopface13423d ago

The real question is will reach outsell the 360 version of COD or not.

Will the treayarch COD sell more than the IW one????

MostJadedGamer3423d ago

Black Ops will have a big drop in sales compared to MW2, but Reach will also have far less sales then Halo 3, but will certainly have more sales then ODST

drsnobby3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Black Ops will do it cause it multi-plat.reach will do a million on day one.i must say that halo fans show lots of love for this game and they do it the form of sales to show love to the developers.

iamnsuperman3423d ago

Reach will not outsell Black ops because Black ops is multi plat.... No one can disagree with that unless they have a warped sense of reality.....On the 360 reach will probably sell more but Black Ops is multi plat and its COD.....There is little point of patcher saying this is quite obvious