Gearheads of War Exclusive CliffyB Interview

Here is Gearheads first exclusive interview with Cliff Bleszinski. Gearheads is a GoW fan blog which is run by Tyler Bleszinski which is actually CliffyB's older brother.

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Marriot VP5393d ago

Gearheads: So many people are in awe of how beautiful the game looks. Many folks said it was like the Killzone target video the Sony people released at E3 2005 only in live motion. First, did you guys make a conscious effort to make a statement in response to those PS3 rendered movies from 2005 by just immediately showing some real-time gameplay?

Cliff: We never, ever showed any pre rendered bullshit for Gears. It's always been 100% Unreal Engine 3. We would always do what we do regardless of what anyone else does with "target" videos. It's just who we are.

TheMART5393d ago

"What we've been told is that hardcore game shops like EB & Gamestop will have their trucks lined up at Microsoft's warehouse as 12:01AM on November 7th (the date the game actually ships) and will get stock to their stores as quickly as they can - at their own additional expense no less!"

OMG some people will be able to play it on the 7th of November. It would be cool to sneak out a copy at that date... I think I am going to get a job @ EB or Gamestop :)

ACE5393d ago

this is gona make the ps3 look very poor,,, come november , cant wait!!

General5393d ago

GoW is going to have some competition with MGS4.

Jay da 2KBalla5393d ago

I dont think so general. MGS4 doesnt come out till Q42007. lol

Balance5392d ago

how can you say GOW is going to have competition from mgs 4 when we haven't seen any in game video from that game. all i have see is the E3 demo of cut scenes. i have seen MANY videos of actualy game play from GOW.

on a side note anyone want to get together and see if a truck driver would like to make a few extra bucks to let us get a copy or two from the truck on the 7th :-)

TheMART5392d ago

General MGS4 is no competition for Gears of War.

First of, it will be a full year later there, IF MGS4 will not be delayed further down the road. And the best thing is... It'll compete with Gears of War 2 I guess which I expect will come out the year after, or maybe spring 2008

So for at least a full year systems will be sold on GoW. Even Sony fans will come over @ friends houses with 360's. Waiting on MGS4 for a year or buying a console now with GoW...

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Balance5392d ago

not to mention mgs 4 will more than likely walk right into halo 3 so even if it is great, it will be over shadowed by the GOW/halo 3 combo.