Console Market Dissected: Wii Is Dying

Don’t get defensive just yet. We all love our Wiis. But NPD’s monthly market numbers reveal much more than plain shipment numbers for the United States. We decided this month it was time to dive deep into the data and found that U.S. consumers are increasingly ditching the Wii and are adopting rival game consoles, especially Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Nintendo needs a new Wii now, not in 2011 or in 2012. Nintendo has to face reality that the Wii is dying in the U.S.: It peaked in May of this year and has peaked in January of this year and entered a state of decline in May. It will be nearly impossible for Nintendo to return to positive growth again.

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LeeRoyJenkins3417d ago

I think Wii is dying. PS3 is probably considered dying too, Xbox 360 is taking over and the statistics all show this.

darkcharizard3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Just wait until this holiday season.. Wii will have new releases like Sonic Colors, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Goldeneye, Epic Mickey and NBA Jam. These will make the Wii sales surge.

3417d ago
comp_ali3417d ago

why all caps , it is annoying

ChozenWoan3417d ago

it's sales may be leveling off, but it's not dying. In the end it will hit 100million units sold so congrats to Nintendo for that.

As for the other two, I predict one will surpass the Wii and the other will come up short by 10-20 million. Place your bets on which will be which.

Trebius3417d ago

I understand the caps, it's cause M$ fanboys sometimes tend to ignore the cold HARD facts that are right in their face.

At least they cant ignore those. lol

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jneul3417d ago

ps3 in increasing in sales with each year that passes, it's only this week it's down because last year on this week ps3 slim was released, you obviously can't do maths, and it's funny because x360 peaked along time ago in sales....

eagle213417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

They said the same thing last year (during the summer) and a record breaking 3.8 million including me bought Wii last December in the US alone. When you lead by 35-36 million and the competition is strong their will be saturation at some point.

Everytime Halo season rolls it's ugly head around, xbox lovers pound their chest like it will last forever. This is Bungie's LAST halo game....enjoy. :)

darkcharizard3417d ago

Just because the same Xbox gets a redesign, they end up buying it.. not knowing that it hardly has any good exclusives.

Shame on the general public.

Immortal3213417d ago

they think its more reliable, and they love halo, so pretty much its pointless.

n4f3417d ago

LMAO yeah i remember
summer 2008 :wii bubble has been burst, wii train has been wreck, metal gear solid 4 will put an end to it
metal gears solid came, the number of copy of mgs4 sold did not even outsold the number of wii sales of the same month

winter 2008-2009: wii is teh doomz, its not even hardcore enough, wait till killzone2.OMGGG BEST GAME EVAR!!!!1111ONE, more than 10mil view, preorder reach milions
Result, killzone 2 went out, i tought the numbers were april fool, its was so low

throughout of 2009-2010:wii is dying, sony go hard on the wii and it will end it miserable life this years, with uncharted2,gom3, heavy rain,
uncharted2 came out, it was a good game but has i recall ps3 only outsold the wii for 1 or maybe 2 month.

And every year Wii set a new record

8-bit3417d ago

PS3 dying? lol nice. 360 only had a rise in sales because the new model. Happened with PS3 slim too, it's a good thing Sony has so many exclusive titles to ensure that it doesn't die. MS has all of it's eggs in the Halo basket. Not a bad basket to have them in but Sony doesn't rely on one game to carry their entire gaming department.

Philoctetes3417d ago

"PS3 is probably considered dying too, Xbox 360 is taking over and the statistics all show this. "

Odd. When I look at the upcoming release schedule, the picture looks almost exactly reversed.

All_4_One3417d ago

Wrong, wrong and wrong. I love how when the 360 gets a sales boost that was to be expected, and quite normal from a re-design, people seem to think it`s simply going to takeover, just like that. How delusional are people nowadays?

Seijoru3417d ago

just these two months PS3 has been up 5% while 350 went down 14% in sales.

user39158003417d ago

Im sure that the other consoles will never catch up to the wii, and dying its not even a word that should be consider, if anything next year the wii will have a serious spike up when the console drops its priced, those that dont have that console will get it. I want big N to enjoy its glory, althought we hardly ever play the system, but visiting people always go and try it out, so its ok to have it laying around. PS3 its a good console to watch blue ray and play exclusives, but for the money xbox360 its were true gaming innovation online is. So, if you dont have blue ray go with PS3, if you want the best of gaming than the 360 its for you, and Wii well they deserved to be purchase as an alternative cause no one does first party like them.

MysticStrummer3417d ago

The statistics don't show that at all.

hot-sauce3417d ago

wow ur funny 360 is taking over lol that made my day lmao

r1sh123417d ago

the Wii isnt dying, most people already have one.
Now they will decide whether to buy an xbox or ps3.
It matters not to me, Ive got the 2 consoles everyone argues over

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niceguywii603417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Kinect will finish the Wii off. People seen Wii as revolutionary with it's motion interactivity. People know Kinect is coming and it's a huge evolutionary jump. MSFT will not be able to supply demand this holiday. Soccer moms and other causal consumers will be fighting over then in shops/stores/retail around Xmas time. 6 to 8 million 360s sold this holiday worldwide. Watch...

This is how people will see Kinect

Obviously MSFT has been planing something like this for years.

Kinect will win the popular opinion plus hearts and minds of the masses that first were in awe over the Wii. You will see the massive developer support in the 2nd and 3rd wave of Kinect games, then haters will see they were wasting their time bashing.

It's not the 360 outselling the PS3 worldwide that's surprising it's the fact the 360 is outselling the Wii worldwide.

This article reports only on NPD but Worldwide sales is the better gage. This has been happening for about 10 weeks in the summer before the 360 lineup and motion tech are even released.

jneul3417d ago

but kinect does not work, it will sell well for the first few weeks and crash splat on it's face

TheBand1t3417d ago

"Kinect will finish off the Wii"

Pffffffffffft hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha

Best joke 2010

PoorMansGT3417d ago

ps3 is outselling 360.why do you think the lead is down to 3.6? 360 is dead in japan and barely selling in Europe. and ps3 cost more...

Seferoth753417d ago

I'll never understand why some kids bring up price like its really a factor. Each company sets their own price. Yeah Sony is the highest. That doesnt give them bonus points. They were the ones who set that price after all.

raztad3417d ago

"I'll never understand why some kids bring up price like its really a factor"

WTF? is PRICE NOT a factor in sales? doesnt compute.

ico923417d ago

one of the reasons why the wii is selling like hot cakes is because of its ridiculously low price for a console , its common sense

Hallmark Moment3417d ago


PS3 fanboys in denial... Never seen a group of people deny something right in front of their faces.

UnwanteDreamz3417d ago

Oh Hallmark you crack me up buddy. You still playing favorites with the fankids?

MysticStrummer3417d ago

You're delusional, wii60. If Kinect wins over Move, it will mean two things. Hardcore gaming is on the way out, and people don't pay attention. Kinect has very limited potential to play the types of games that most gamers want to play, and a rudimentary search for hardware previews/reviews will show that Move is better than Kinect in pretty much every way. Kinect will sell well for a short while and then drop off dramatically. Move will build over time as more people see it being used in hardcore games to great advantage.

thor3417d ago

But are you sure that the Wii's demise is not caused by a declining interest in motion controls? That would spell bad news for Kinect - MS jumping on the motion control bandwagon just as it's going off the rails...

Ron_Danger3417d ago

don't you mean "on rails" since that's all that Kinnect can do with games that don't involve dancing and petting things...

Trebius3417d ago

If you really think Kinect is capable of what your silly your silly youtube videos posted ... you're insane lol.

They REALLY have you brainwashed ...

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NYC_Gamer3417d ago

Wii is not dying just wait until the holiday the numbers will be high again

stragomccloud3417d ago

I totally agree, but I think this might be the swan song of the Wii.
Although, what a lineup! Wow! It's like my childhood coming back! Goldeneye and Donkey Kong! Heck I haven't normally been a fan of Kirby, I'm totally stoked for that! Oh, and Epic Mickey! And.. and and and... well, but I digress. New hardware is probably just around the corner! Fingers crossed!

A new Wii will through the market into chaos, in Nintendo's favor. PS3 and Xbox have all been setting their respective systems up like new launches: PS3 slim, Xbox 360 slim, Move, Kinect. If Microsoft or Sony try to release new hardware soon, then they alienate all the customers that bought new into kinect/move(although new systems would probably support them as well), or at least bought new systems for the new hardware. However, at the same time, they can't risk falling to far beyond competitors.

Hoping for something holiday 2011.

Well, that's my 2 cents anyway.

RanmaSaotome3417d ago

in my opinion has better games and exclusives than the xbox 360 lol. i sold my wii 2 years ago for a xbox 360 because at the time it was a alternative to the wii that i could afford. i would have gotten a ps3 instead though.can't wait until i get another wii I'm playing kirby epic yarn all day lol.

seinfan3417d ago

lol the wii. What a piece.

Fel083417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Probably because 90% of the people already have one!!!