PC Shooters You Should Play Instead of Halo Reach

The new Halo game comes out in five days, and those jerks over in Player Affinity’s XBox department won’t shut up about their little space opera. I’m happy that the console crowd have their new game, but those of us who play games on the PC know that first person shooters were intended to be played with a keyboard, mouse and four gigs of VRAM. To help my fellow PC gamers shrug off the relentless Halo hype machine, I’m going to remind everyone of a few PC exclusive shooters that you can play, while your XBox pals are waiting in line to get their copy of Halo Reach. We’ll be detailing one game a day, right up to Halo launch day on Tuesday.

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CombatEvolving3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Already playing it, still want Halo Reach though. Sounds like whoever wrote this is trying to be an ass or is compensating for something. Halo has interesting gameplay you can't get elsewhere. You can play both. I think most PC players hopping on Halo for a little bit would realize it's not all about having good aim and they would lose to the better players. Have fun tying to play splitscreen Crysis. The resulting fire should light up the sky nicely.

3424d ago
Muffins12233424d ago

you forgot to add crysis 2 beta...oh wait,thats exclusive to xbox360 XD lol

scar203424d ago ShowReplies(1)
CombatEvolving3424d ago

The article makes sense now. The guy is a but hurt PC fanboy mad about the Beta.

Deadman643424d ago ShowReplies(1)
003424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

he sounds like an elitist snob, enjoy your superior games my king while us peons gravel before your feet.

poopnscoop3424d ago

More or less this.

I'm not sure what's more laughable --the shittieness of their web site, the shittieness of their writing or the fact that they pretend like they actually have multiple departments instead of a bunch of nerds sitting around their laptops.

TheIneffableBob3424d ago

Yup, this is the exact reaction the author intended to get.

These types of articles are meant to rile up discussion and get hits.

BornToKill3424d ago

my PC could NEVER! run crysis.

dark-hollow3424d ago

Pfft my pc can't run mines sweeper

madmanden3424d ago

Lol my notebook can run Crysis xD its not really that demanding a game anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.