IncGamers: FIFA 11 Hands-On Preview

IncGamers' James Chalmers walks out onto the pitch and puts FIFA 11 to the test. Does Be A Goalkeeper live up to the hype and is Personality+ really that game-changing?

From the preview:

"Lofted through balls now feel and look a lot more deft rather than last years hoof and hope approach. You get the sense of a range of passes this year around and the animations that come with each pass are truly unique. But it all depends on the standard of league and team that you're playing as. Sure short passes using flicks and lay-offs are there for the technical midfielders in the middle of the park but nothing beats drilling in a cross at the front post to create a sense of pandemonium in the six yard box as goalkeepers, defenders and strikers all vie to get to the ball."

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greengamer3426d ago

Another FIFA another winner by the sounds of things, nice preview

mmoplaya3426d ago

this is one of the only console games I actually buy each year.

Cant wait to try out the mega spenders of Man City!

Dorjan3426d ago

Sweet! This sounds so much better! I doubt they can top it though!