Gran Turimso 5 damage and 3D inconsistencies will have barely any effect on sales

Motorthusiast: "Recently new videos of body work crash in Gran Turismo went live on the net, but still failed to impress some of the very hardcore sim fans out there. However factors like this and 3D gaming don’t seem to be much of a problem with regards to how well the game will sell when released."

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

How many GT games have had this level of damage models? Now how well do GT games usually sell? Of course it won't effect sales silly.


Speed-Racer3419d ago

Thanks for that very well thought out and insightful comment.

Speed-Racer3419d ago

I was being sarcastic ppl :)

ExplosionSauce3419d ago

I don't see how 3D would have any effect on sales.

The damage is great. But I don't plan on running into walls and cars. I think that will slow me down significantly. Don't think I can win the race like that, haha :D

FishCake9T43419d ago

@explosion sause
But you could certainly loose one

nickjkl3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

i hope gran turismo doesnt effect other racing series sales that could hurt the industry

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Poseidon3419d ago


ShinMaster3419d ago

Lol sorry, you guys brought it up.

UnwanteDreamz3419d ago

The reason this wouldn't effect sales is because GT isn't about running into crap. The point is to get to the finish of a race with as little damage as possible. I think hitting rails and other cars slows you down.

Ocelot5253419d ago

yes this isn't destruction derby

dredgewalker3419d ago

Oh yeah, I don't play racing games for the fun of crashing. Each bump and missed turn will deduct precious seconds from my time record and I prefer to drive flawlessly in a racing sim.

Boody-Bandit3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

You want to see car damage get burn out and play Road Rage. Sims are about avoiding contact and crossing the finish line first. I would rather the developer put their efforts into making the best playing racing game instead of visuals. No racing game on a console has a realistic damage engine any way. So why argue over it?

The funniest thing is the people that complain about this most don't even play the racing games and the ones that do probably have damage set to visual impact only. Nobody wants to play an endurance race and 30 or 40 miles in take damage that cost you the race for you only have to race it over again.

The only thing I care about when it comes to a racer is performance (frame rate, video tearing, stuttering, motion blur) and it has to have good wheel support. I wont purchase any racing game that doesn't have wheel support.

I was looking forward to NFS:HPLE but now I am hearing it wont support the wheels so GT5 will get ALL my attention this year. Far and away my most anticipated title this year.

nycredude3419d ago Show
nycredude3419d ago

Seriously though when did we all of a sudden start judging every game based on the unfinished demo codes? I really don't understand, we went from waiting for reviews to reviewing demos.

RosoTron363419d ago

It much worse, I've seen a couple of reviews based on Screenshots...

Speed-Racer3419d ago

Are you speaking about your website's screenshot GT5 review?

RosoTron363419d ago

No, sorry I don't have a website. I'm talking about long ass comments and "opinion" pieces/articles that basically nitpick every little thing based on a screenshot, this can relate to almost any game. IE: HD screenshots comparisons... Because the bottom line, Reviews are "Opinion" articles, such as articles that state "This console is better, let's compare HD Screenshots."

At least, I hold judgement on a game until I actually play it myself. Reviews and articles whether it be a negative/positive outlook toward a game is something I only use as a reference and/or source for more information.

On a side note, GT5 screenshots are very nice. But any game can be optimized to look better than the actual gameplay with a screenshot.

number473419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

on their damage?

And even then. GT's damage is beyond any console driving simulator out... and in higher than 720p + 16 second to none detailed vehicles/day-night/particle systems etc.

I'll take a photo real sim... and cringe if I ever make a mark on my r8.

3419d ago
niceguywii603419d ago

The piss poor driving physics, bad handling, last generation weight and feel of the cars will effect the sales, not so much the bad damage and 3D problems.

thebudgetgamer3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )


i understand though, you hate a piece of consumer electronics and will never give it a fair chance.

PoorMansGT3419d ago

jealous poor mans gt[forza] person right here...

strickers3419d ago

You are not very bright.

Antan3419d ago

You wouldn't happen to be trolling in a PS3 article would you? Fancy that, of all the people who accuse others of trolling, you decide to post your usual tripe in a PS3 thread! We can smell you AND your fear of GT5! You still don't get it do you? Your (and your many other accounts) opinion is and always has been .......worthless.

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yoshiro3419d ago

the 3d is a extra
and damage looks great...need some final touches but is in pair with the best damage models out there

3419d ago
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renegade3419d ago

Its a demo let see how damage is in the retail version.

Akagi3419d ago

We need to get the waaaaaambalamps for some of the fanboys here.

ndibu3419d ago

I thought the ps3 montra was quality and sales for gt5, now it looks like we're relying on just sales. Lol

Speed-Racer3419d ago

lol, depends on which party takes what perspective. one person saying the PS3 is God doesn't apply for others. Just saying.

UnwanteDreamz3419d ago

Who is "we"? You got a mouse in your pocket?

Let me try this

Looks like WE are a butthurt fankid with nothing better to do than troll PS3 articles. We should really grow and stop wasting OUR parents bandwidth.

Did I do it right?

lokiroo4203419d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA, well played, well played.

Seijoru3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

You're just a sad bot. 2 glitches in an old build of the game and you act like the game will be crap.

Cevapi883419d ago

yeah i cant wait to get my copy of GT5 to purposely crash into other vehicles and walls....seeing as how i did this in GT1 through really tired of these articles...

rekof3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

xbox360 on the floor and rape it !

that is what is going to happen,..

I said GT5 will rape 360 not the other way around,.. for you dumb asses,.. It's quite possible PS3 surpasses 360 by the end of this year because of GT5,..

sashimi3419d ago

The only thing xbox360 rapes is their fanbase....

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