Enslaved Vs Heavenly Sword – HD Screenshot comparison

Gamersmint writes : Heavenly Sword was a multi million dollar PS3 exclusive, made by Ninja Theory at a time when the PS3′s install base was less, and they needed to prove what the PS3 could do. Now these multiplatform developers are making an unique game called Enslaved which, believe us or not resembles Heavenly Sword a lot.

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Meisadragon3417d ago

both look so similar lol, cant believe heavenly sword looks so good.

cyber_crysis3417d ago

The weapons' gameplay,graphics, looks better than Heavenly sword. The camera is closer too.

Looking forward to more gameplay videos! Hope the hit detection is better this time around.

3417d ago
inveni03417d ago

Am I the only person who has ever noticed the recycling of the Heavenly Sword heroine to the "new" game?

WhittO3417d ago

Wow, heavenly Sword really was ahead of it's time, look at that detail in Narkos face! Looks better than alot of the characters in Heavy Rain!

sikbeta3417d ago

Ah... please, now it comes teh comparisons, let me tell you IF this game don't look better than Heavenly Sword, a THREE YEARS OLD Game, well damn, there is a problem right there...

Triella3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I don't agree, aside from a little screen tearing and slowdowns, Heavenly sword in motion is particularly beautiful :

Cevapi883417d ago

wait so NT rips on heavenly sword, yet they used Nariko in Enslaved....its basically the same what was that about Heavenly Sword NT??? you were saying something about it?? hmmmmm

Dacapn3417d ago

Damn. For some reason I never bothered to youtube that game. That is ridiculous for what was essentially a launch title. The game's cheap now, so ima definitely have to pick it up.

ChineseDemocracy3417d ago

If i didn't know any better, I'd say all those screenshots were from the same game.

ExplosionSauce3417d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I believe that's why the AA and shaders are better on Heavenly Sword.

It's a shame Ninja Theory were expressing themselves quite negatively about Heavenly Sword and blamed it on PS3 exclusivity. Yet HS looks better.
Although I do see some more fancy stuff going on in Enslaved compared to HS which was launch title. HS still holds up against it.

Natsu X FairyTail3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Man Are you fools looking at the same pictures as me? Wtf is wrong with you people?

How in the world are you guys telling me HS looks better than enslaved? Is it because it's exclusive to PS3 you guys are FORCiNG yourselves to say it looks better?



Just look at the Details in the clothing in Enslaved.

I mean there'S no doubt HS looks good and Still does looks good at this day but CMON NOW.

SilentNegotiator3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

These low resolution screens "conveniently" don't show Enslaved's AA-less blocky-ness vs Heavenly Sword's 720p 4xAA.

Thanks for another "quality" comparison, gamersmint.

You've sure been back to your xbox trolling ways lately.
Here, instead of convincing yourself with cutscene screens, how about looking at gameplay shots instead?

Motorola3416d ago

@ Natsu
Those pics of HS that you posted look better than enslaved. The girl that looks like Nariko looks as if she has no skin under her armor....which isnt appealing

Game-ur3416d ago

Hey is something wrong with your eyes? Character models are WAY better in HS in the pics you linked, and the game is much better in motion than the screens show, I have played it.

Boody-Bandit3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I almost forgot just how awesome Heavenly Sword was to play.
Ahead of it's time indeed. It's ashame this series is not being carried on. I wish Sony would give it to Santa Monica.

I don't know what it is you think you are seeing but to me Enslaved looks like it could have come out 6 months after Heavenly Sword. I'm not seeing much, if any real, differences between the two. Enslaved should be a much bigger jump in visuals considering it's 3+ years removed from Heavenly Sword. If anything this shows Ninja Theory should have spent more time working on Enslaved and less time running their mouths to anyone that would listen.

Lich1203416d ago


And yet, Cyber gets disagrees for saying so.

morganfell3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

This is just more proof of what I have said multiple times on this site. Heavenly Sword was one of the most unjustly damned games ever. The campaign to downplay or ignore and in several cases outright attack HS is unmatched except for the cold shoulder that was given to the first Uncharted when it released. (Uncharted 1 is viewed differently now but was played down when it launched).

HS was dismantled by the gaming press in a systematic fashion and for that they should be ashamed. This playtime issue was a load of horse dump. I love how reviewers set the easiest difficulty and then sprint through titles. I ran an actual clock stopping it whenever I took the slightest break, played on the hardest available difficulty, explored a little by messing around in areas after I had cleared them and it took me over 11.5 hours. Longer than HALO 3 on Heroic.

I do not personally know anyone that ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME who sprinted through it close to one of these fabled review times. Go back and play it now but remember. You know the game, how to beat certain areas, etc. It's pathetic that a game as cinematic as HS was attacked by idiots including Itagaki who denounced it's use of QTE. Of course he declined to make any comments about God of War.

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Godmars2903417d ago

You're praising the older game for looking as good as the newer one?

Nevermind its a launch PS3 game vs a multiplatform later in the cycle.

raztad3417d ago

I would first need to see a better analysis but it is kinda worrisome the newer game (multiplat, UE3 based) is not leaps and bounds beyond a first gen PS3 game.

Godmars2903417d ago

Its not helping that NT has been criticizing and downplaying their own, older work at every opportunity. Now they've turned around to make something that might looking slightly less or better.

Reibooi3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I don't know how people can look at that and think enslaved looks better then HS does.

Looking at the character models in particular Enslaved is very weak when compared to HS. They seem much more Flat and dull when compared to the full of emotion and life of the HS character models.

The Enslaved environments look pretty nice but alot of that is due to the more lush colors then anything else. The graphics themselves are still behind HS. It's just the bright colors that make it a pop a bit more but on a technical level HS still wins.

Honestly the fact that HS still looks this good 3 years later is incredible to me. Another thing people need to remember is screens never really did HS justice and that seeing the game in motion was always the thing that blew you away.

I also find it funny that the Enslaved heroine is just a recycled Nariko with less detail. Basically cut her hair and gave her half a metal body and called it a new character. Aside from those 2 changes she is basically a clone of Nariko.

3417d ago
3417d ago
Bhai3417d ago

Really?, can't say that...

Both have different weapons... Visual Fidelity wise, HS wins hands down... characters, backgrounds, physics(Havok Complete) and animation wise. And lets not forget the HS cut-scenes have been totally unsurpassed even by the greatest hitters lately, let alone enslaved!

Still don't think half-hearted UE3.0 work can compete with an exclusive engine...

ABizzel13417d ago

Enslaved looks better, but not by much.

In-game character models have more detail

the lighting is better, which is weird after seeing the 13 min. gameplay since the lighting was the problem I had with Enslaved (it was way too much).

And Enslaved is more saturated than Heavenly Sword (which makes games look more gamey)

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Enslaved looks a lot like Heavenly Sword. I mean too much. The female character is nearly identical to Nariko. They used the same combat animations (they may have added a few more).

My guess is that Enslaved was going to be Heavenly Sword 2, but Ninja Theory decided to go multiplatform, and tweaked the characters, weapons, combat, and script and that's why we have Enslaved.

Heavenly Sword was a great, game and needs another game. Sony Santa Monica or somebody needs to make it happen.

Man In Black3417d ago

Heavenly Sword's graphics has definitely aged well, considering it's been about 3 years.

TK4213417d ago

Heavenly sword was epic. I have some great memories while playing that game!
They need to make a part 2. Ninja Theory doesn't have to do it.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez3416d ago

LOL look at the geometry, heavenly sword looks much better, but even more so if you see it in motion.

PR0X13416d ago

Guys the hardware has not changed in the pas 5 years. So ofc it's all going to look the same.

nickjkl3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

wrong sir

seriously i think you guys should actually study th epicture instead of just looking at it and going it wins you have to see what it is using and enslaved is above heavenly sword whether you want to admit it or not

pixelsword3416d ago

HS looks better, plus it has hundreds of characters running around in a number of stages.

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cyborg3417d ago

IS this real? Never knew Heavenly Sword would look so similar to Ninja's new game! Damn, some of those shots are identical aswell!

nickjkl3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

thats what i was thinking after a while i was like wait a minute did they take that from heavenly sword

i know its made by the same devs but damn

and idk about you guys but in some points enslaved embarrases heavenly sword i mean come on look at nariko compared to the new nariko

lokiroo4203417d ago

Heavenly sword looks better and is 3 years older.

mrcash3417d ago

i just finished playing heavenly sword and based on the gameplay vids i've seen of enslaved, enslaved wins by a landslide which is expected considering hs is 3 years old.

dc13417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Oh, wow.. respectfully,..
There is no way you could have just played HS on a HD screen and make that statement that "Enslaved wins by a landslide" based on pics.

HS was a remarkably made game that was ahead of the curb in several aspects as well as production value.

In addition, the HS pics look a little dim/dull and is not representative of the gameplay cut scenes.

mrcash3417d ago

HS was a beautiful game, the cinematics looked significantly better than the gameplay when it transitioned into gameplay the quality dropped. I'm not knocking HS one bit I think its a great game, but i've seen some vids of enslaved where the graphics do stomp on HS graphics.

nycredude3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )


Stop trolling man and hyping up a multiplat game's graphics. It never ends well after they released. Enslaved looks good. But imo heavenly sword not only holds its own but looks better in many of those shots. Enslaved looks like an Unreal game but a good looking one.

This only shows that Heavenly Sword was severely underrated and bashed unfairly for being short. The game still looks incredibly good 3 years later.

mrcash3417d ago

not trolling go look at some vids of enslaved most are low quality and look better than HS especially the lighting.

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talltony3417d ago

Heavenly sword has really great charachter models and cutscenes. They are still top of the line imo.

ps360owner093417d ago

I will also say that Heavenly sword is still one of the best action games I have played this gen even though it was extremely short. I hope they make a heavenly sword 2 one day.

talltony3417d ago

The only drawback was that it was so short. Still right after I beat it I beat it again on the hardest difficulty. I never do that for games. I really enjoyed heavenly sword.

Nac3417d ago

Sony and Playstation fans would have supported it. An extremely under appreciated game.

mrcash3417d ago

it was supported but unfortunately it was a bit pricey to make. It sold over 1 mil.

ChronoJoe3417d ago

The sections with the girl with the bow, made the game kind of lame. In my opinion.

Figboy3417d ago

jaded game reviewers who couldn't help but keep their bitterness that the PS3 was $600 out of the evaluation of it's games.

i think nearly every single Heavenly Sword review went like this: "the graphics are great, the story is great, the acting is great, the game play is rather good, but the game is short, and the PS3 is $600, and this one game doesn't justify the price of the console. never mind Resistance, Motorstorm, Virtua Fighter 5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Warhawk, and the upcoming Folklore, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, and Unreal Tournament 3 are also on the system, Heavenly Sword, just like Lair, should have single-handedly justified the price of the PS3, so pass on this."

and most of the sheep listened, and didn't buy the game. even though it sold over 1 million units, the franchise was already tainted by the media calling it "Goddess of War," and painting the franchise in a negative light.

the presentation and game play of Heavenly Sword was great. especially when you consider it was a year one PS3 title, and Ninja Theory's first crack at the PS3 architecture.

PlayStation fans didn't kill Heavenly Sword, a vindictive, spiteful gaming media did. Folklore suffered similar treatment, despite it being a fantastic game also.

and now that Ninja Theory and Game Republic are making a multi-plat game, suddenly the gaming media is all praises for Heavenly Sword and Folklore, and calling them "hidden gems," when at the time of release, they trashed those games for not justifying the price of the PS3.

this generation just disgusts me when it comes to how the gaming media covers the industry.

wildcat3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Thank you Figboy, well f*n said. At that time, every title that came out had to single-handedly justify the price of the PS3. Heavenly Sword was among those 'no games' titles in 2007 which were wrongly ignored but were among my favorites this gen.

amiga-man3417d ago

I actually really enjoyed using the bow, ill never forget taking out all the people on the bridge,while trying to catch the injured guy(think it was her dad lol) the last guy was right behind him about to strike the killer blow, my arrow was in the air, and i had to guide it over his shoulder to kill him.

divideby03416d ago

FigBoy... spot on..

I really enjoyed HS... the use of motion was SPOT ON and first time used in such a way.

recall the idiots who trashed the game since it didnt have a jump button..

now we see Enslave, 3 years later and HS looks at least as good and I think better...

there is progress for you....
F multiplat titles... 1st party are the major games worth buying

DaTruth3416d ago

You didn't like playing "twing twang"???

Did anyone else ever get the glitch when shooting on the bridge, the dude gets hit in the leg and then flies 30 feet in the air and you can shoot him ten times. Only happens like once every 50 guys(yes, I played that part that much).

extermin8or3416d ago

I didn't get it because after buying the ps3 I didn't want to buy loads of games at the time, I had resistance and motorstorm and then uncharted and elder scrolls 4, enough to keep me going form xmas 07- mgs4 :)

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despair3417d ago

environments in enslaved look more detailed and just prettier(could just be the nice scenerey) but the character models are better looking in Heavenly sword even though they have less detail than enslaved.

Still a final comparison from retail game would settle the argument that no one asked for, I mean vids and actual gameplay sometimes differ a lot.