How to get an early copy of Halo: Reach

Maxine Eunson from Coregamer: Yes, that's right I said how to get an early copy of Halo: Reach. How? I hear you cry. Simple. Walk into CEX in Tunbridge Wells (UK) and buy it.

That's what Jon Martin from Coregamer did.

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HarryMonogenis3416d ago

Nice. But I don't think I'm going to want an early copy -- I want to wait until the release date. I've already pre-ordered mine on Amazon UK anyhow. :)

Mooshy_Muffin3416d ago

I've ordered mine too with the special edition Xbox and it drives me mad that Jon has beaten me to it!!

MisterNiwa3415d ago

Got mine today, didn't have much time to play it though. I want to beat Kingdom Hearts BBS first.

Hero Mode is kinda easy in the first mission, I hope this changes soon. I don't intend to replay it.

awiseman3415d ago

Amazon is the way to go for the best deals on preordering high profile games now since the addition of 99 cent release day shipping....not to mention tax free.

BigKev453416d ago

Yeah, then get banned from Xbox Live forever. Yeah baby!!!!

T9X693415d ago

You will NEVER be banned for playing a legit copy of any game over XBL. Your statement only applies to the people who illegally download it.

awiseman3415d ago

good times getting banned idiot. we all will get our legit copy one way or the other and we dont need ur pirating advice.

martoine3415d ago

When you start up the game you get this!

“EARLY ACCESS! Heads up. The full might of Halo: Reach will not be unleashed until 14/09. Until then thanks for helping us iron out a few lingering wrinkles while you test drive the demands of the full experience. For now Matchmaking, Credit acquisition and Daily Challenges aren’t fully operational.”

omi25p3415d ago

not forever, till the year 9999

AliTheBrit193415d ago


I've seen a few people on my friends list playing it already, bro.

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The story is too old to be commented.