Lair gets 3/5 on Gamer TV

UK TV program has given Lair 3/5. The episode aired at 10:00am Saturday morning and I personally watched it myself so can confirm the score is correct. They didn't seem to have any issues with the controls but said it was a bit repetitive.

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thereapersson5221d ago

Haha, if this gets approved (and I know it will, expect 150+ comments and over 500 degrees.

I'm still gonna rent this game to see how it turns out.

Tru_Blu5221d ago

Ya same here, I plan on giving it a rent and not a buy. I can't see this game being fun for more then 1 or 2 times through it.

codeazrael5221d ago

People everywhere on both sides are all waiting for the big reviewers to give their review on Sony's up and comers, not from these rinky dink reviews coming from like Poland and sh*t. PS3 gamers are praying for excellent scores while Xboxers are standing by with Tonight Show quality monologue waiting for these games to bomb. I for one would expect high marks if I were a gamer thinking that, "ok, these are the upcoming games sony really has been pimping, they have to be good, or what the hell have we been defending this system for?" 3 out of 5 is not a bad score at all. I'm waiting to see Xplay's review of the game. I love watching Xplay for their Xpert ; ) opinion and very reasonable take on most games. Plus, I like to see Morgan Webb's massive melons (you just know that she have some huuuge areolas) umph, umph.....sorry...anyways, as the reviews that count slowly start to come in, let's hope these games are at least some of what has been hyped about them.

ALI-G5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

what is the lowest score bioshock got?...
oh 94%

yeah yeah yeah i know PS3 owners will say we will play it in my blah blah pc which either you do not own or your pc cannot run crab.if your pc can run bioshock as good as 360 than you have one hell of pc why would you than play consoles ?? becuse you do not have that pc

@nasim:first i remmber when you said you will play bioshock in your system ATI1900XXX now after readinG your post it prove my above argument and it is clear to me that most ps3 owners who said they will play bioshock in their pc were lying(no pc) and desperate to play bioshock
than who said any FPS without online is worse than other gener without online .this is show how your are narrow minded and retard.did you read what the devloper said regarding this ? the game offer around 20 horse of play and you can play it 3/4/5 times and evertime it will be like diffrent game that is why it got 7 prefect reviews .while i am playing this game go and play the blue ray which you got for free time after time in you SDTV

nasim5221d ago

then how come it gets a 10 on gamerTV.

an FPS without online is worse than other genre game without online.,

another MS viral marketer

A Man5221d ago

Its another cack game for the PS3, i feel sorry for you PS gamers. All the games are complete crap. If sony dont impress at leipzig or TGS they need to go to hell. When i see games they promised 2 years ago like Eight days, the getaway 3, GT5 hahaha, and many more as we all know i will buy one. But untill that day i'm sticking with MS and their great software line up. I'm sick of waiting

This Is Waiting

snoop_dizzle5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

not every game needs online.

Zelda never had it and well many zelda games were awesome.

quit drinking the koolaid buddy

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monoknacker5221d ago

turning out to have areal mixed bag of reviews. I'm quite curious to see what IGN and PSM give it, it's definitely looking like a see for yourself game at the moment. Then again some games that have had mediocre reviews, like enter the matrix, i have absolutely loved.

thereapersson5221d ago

haha, it looks like the approvals are actually DECREASING...

sjappie5221d ago

That game had so much potential, but it was half assed and not done, that's why it got a low score. Still, I had a lot of fun playing it.

bootsielon5221d ago

Enter the matrix was a good game, and it connected the storyline between reloaded and revolutions perfectly.

TheMART5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

3 out of 5? That's 6 out of 10 on the scale most are using.

EGM reviewers (3) gave it 5, 5.5 and 6. And this had to be a system seller/killer app? RIGHT

ANd wait a second Sony fanboys now report this because its a forum post... But they approved the forum posts with high false reviewmarks a few weeks ago for the same games?

Bit biased guys, don't you think so? Anyone, approve this story. It should be front page

jay35221d ago

Even though everything you said is totally true, expect a lot of fanboys complaining, and saying the reviewers are bis or didn't get a good code. Some PS3 fans need to face the fact that the game will probably, suck.

LeonSKennedy4Life5221d ago

Hey, I can use the worst reviews from ANY game!!! That'll prove my point!


jay35221d ago

Lair sucks. That's the harsh truth of it.

Go suck off Harrison.

sjappie5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

The most articulate Blood gang member.

LeonassKennedy"ThugLife. Holla!

LeonSKennedy4Life5221d ago

my point here is that TheMart will jump on any chance to diss a PS3 game...when he should be out gaming.

I just don't understand any of your guys' logic on siding with MS and letting them ruin gaming forever. There's no innovation, no honor, nothing.

If Lair sucked, we wouldn't be hearing about how good it is from people like Gamesradar, IGN, 1up, and VARIOUS OTHER WEBSITES/MAGAZINES!

A Man5221d ago

These sony fans are not gamers they are followers. When sony deliver i will buy myself a ps3. Its been a about a year and sony are JUST starting to get their act together, but if they think HOME and Dude raider are system sellers they are living somewhere else? (i wonder)
I'm looking forward to the rest of this year. Can sony impress? or just keep pissing people off, we will wait and see.

sjappie5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

MS is ruining gaming by bringing out the highest rated games and the highest attach rate inhistory of gaming. Right.

@ Dead111Red below; At least Mart uses valid arguments to back up his words, you just call him biased without providing an argument. By doing so you make yourself much less credible.
And what? You want to hear him say HS sucks?

DeadIIIRed5221d ago

You are the very definition of biased. You put the whole Fox News network to shame. Just thinking of Bill O'Reilly gives me some relief...

Anyways this seems to be a love/hate game so I'll rent it first and if it sucks then I'll just be playing Heavenly Sword, which by the way MART is suppose to be more of a "killer app" than Lair, but why don't you comment about those reviews?

TheMART5221d ago


"You are the very definition of biased."

Why? Because I list the reviews other respected magazins gave this game? It just sucks. It's not the Killer app/System seller they hyped it to be. Is that biased? No. That's reality dude.

"I'll just be playing Heavenly Sword, which by the way MART is suppose to be more of a "killer app" than Lair, but why don't you comment about those reviews?"

I do. Watch the latest Heavenly Sword article on this site. Its a decent game, but those Play Mag biased shiat and a East European country bad review are not unbiased. Wait for IGN and EGM to give some reviews. Mark my words. It'll get an 8 max. Not anywhere near to Gears of War or Bioshock AAA over 90% score. Like NO game on PS3 got up to now. THat's the PS3's problem. No real system sellers, no killer apps, no AAA games. Period. You can disagree, but thats the way it is. A PS2 with God of War II is a cheaper and better option then a PS3 with Heavenly Sword or should we say Goddess of War

tatotiburon5221d ago

theMart you're the best, keep the good work.....this game sucks big time

reaperxciv5221d ago

I completely agree, LAIR sucks

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hella whip5221d ago

I am disappointed about this review, They said having no multiplayer was a bad thing when a game doesn't have to have multiplayer to be good look at Bioshock. I will still probably get this game though.

To all those reporting, its a TV program the only sources I could find were forums. Don't see why we should have to wait for someone to upload it on gametrailers, I watched this program myself so I know its true and you will in time. They also reviewed Stuntman and gave that 3/5 and preview Uncharted (Gave good impressions) and Jericho and Timeshift. Also showed some footage of Haze from the Edinburgh thing that went on this week.

snoop_dizzle5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

its a conspiracy against lair to give it a bad score. :P

For people who are a fanboys that is called a joke.

No really i actually want this game to do good becasue i want it.

But hey if this isn't even confirmed who knows.

I still kinda want this game.

NASIM man you just dont get it buddy do you?

And i will say this very slow for you, graphics don't equal a good game! i don't know how else to say that to you. Games with good graphics can be good(in fact they can be f'in awesome). But when you just say how many polys are in a dragons wing in lair i think you are kinda missing the point.

I do hope Lair is excellent, but dude all you brag about is graphics!

Bioshock doesn't need mp. Zelda never need MP many games didn't need MP. You get the point?

Why not play by yourself and actually enjoy it? heck i highly doubt many people even want to freaking play with you online becasue you are so freaking rabid.

"How can an FPS without online gets 10"

Because it might actually have a good, story atmosphere, gameplay etc!

Doesn't that count for anything?

But hey, what else would i expect from nasim.

nasim5221d ago

and it got 10 from many sites.

How can an FPS without online gets 10.

when LAIR being the most visually impressive game gets a 6/10

reaperxciv5221d ago

if nASIM loves this game so BAD then leave him be...
nASIM will be stuck with this crap arse game and that would be good for us all!