What's the Point of Steam Achievements Anyway?

Mike Rose at Gamasutra: "I'd be the first to admit that Xbox achievements and PS3 trophies are a huge deal in my everyday gaming, and have affected by play style considerably. For example, I used to play games on either Easy or Normal difficulty, since I had no reason to test myself with Hard mode. Now the majority of games offer extra achievement points for completing the game on the toughest difficulty, and I'm more than willing to go that extra mile for another 100G.

Yet while I'm madly in love with both Xbox achievement points and PSN trophies, there is one type of achievement that doesn't interest me at all - Steam achievements. Awarded during certain PC games available via Steam, they mean absolutely nothing to me, and are really quite pointless."

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EL1TE3421d ago

As an owner of 70 games (example that i'm a Steam lover) on Steam i agree that the Steam Rating that logs the play time in the last two weeks is pointless, every time people go in friends profile they see how much time they've spend playing a game, and there's no way to stop logging usage, unless we go offline in Steam, which is also pointless because if so achievements won't work and the Chat and friends list in unavailable.

I somewhat feel that there's no Privacy at all in this, i feel kinda explored.

Maybe that's just me, but that's how i feel about the Steam Rating thing.

GameArmada3421d ago

I agree, it's very strange that you can't turn it off in the security options.

evrfighter3421d ago

achievements are a joke.

TheIneffableBob3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Not sure about PSN, but Xbox Live does the same thing. They just don't tell you about it like Steam does. That's how Raptr gets all of its statistics.

tdrules3421d ago

if you don't want your steam friends to know what you've been playing they're not your friends.
My Steam Rating sucks lately cos I've been blasting away at SC2, which isn't logged cos it's non-Steam.
I think that's a bigger issue, universal game logging.

NYC_Gamer3421d ago

i dont care about achievements/trophies on any platform...

3421d ago
SpLinT3421d ago

I agree. achievements are a joke. At first, I thought they would unlock or reward you with stuff. But nope. Just bragging rights LOL. Bragging to whom? No one looks at achievements. The only thing people look at is what games youve played and sometimes if youve completed it in Hard mode. Thats it. No one gives a shit about anything else. If anything, it shows how much of a loser someone is.

AKS3421d ago

I feel similarly, although slightly less extreme. I do occasionally go for achievements/ trophies if a) I love the game AND b) the achievements/ trophies are well implemented. Uncharted had a terrific trophy implementation because in addition to generally making sense in their distribution, you could also unlock things for your accomplishments. Demon's Souls was another exception; I'm proud of that platinum, which was 100% legit (no candyass cheating; got my own pure ores, even Marrowstone and Bladestone).

I usually won't bother in most games, however. Or I may just go for specific goals that are more difficult such as no weapons on Hard in Mirror's Edge and ignore the rest.

I don't think any differently about Steam achievements. Same thing to me.

Dave13513421d ago

I agree pretty worthless

Droid Control3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Many of them force you to play the game a certain way (which you don't enjoy) just to unlock them.

I don't mind achievements that unloack as you play naturally though the game, but i dislike the ones that ask you to complete levels using particular guns, for example. And collectibles... urh!

Look how they ruined the story and atmosphere of Alan Wake....

It would be nice to be able to 'Turn off' gamerscore/trophies in the dashboard settings. If no one can see them, then you are free to play the games you like, the way you like with no one judging you...

RosoTron363421d ago

And it would be better if ALL achievements are displayed after you beat a game. Like after the credits, achievements and what you've unlocked start popping up. This way you'll be like "Oh sweet," and then the trophy whores can have a go at the game again for the sake of whoring trophies.

amrasmord3421d ago

What's the point of achievements period?

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The story is too old to be commented.