Road Rash & Burnout 5 In Development?

The latest edition of PSM states that Burnout 5 and Road Rash are in development at EA. OF course, Burnout 5 should come as no surprise, but it is good to hear Road Rash is back! The magazine goes on to say that EA will soon start testing the game and that both are slated for next-gen console releases.

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Bill Gates I Am5392d ago

Road Rash ... next gen ... COOL!!!

ASTAROTH5392d ago

Its good to see a rebirth of road rash for next gen systems. As for burnout 5 at least is going to be a new title not a PS2 burnout revenge port. AGAIN ITS VERY GOOD NEWS


Road rash, golden axe... now we need a new streets of rage!!


NitrogenB5392d ago

I totally don't agree with almost anything you say.....but Road Rash, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage would be off the hook! man those have always been my fav....old school baby! WHOO!

DG5392d ago

As long as it looks as good as BurnOut Im SOLDDDDD!

Keep it up EA!

Shadow Flare5392d ago

Road Rash rocked man! Bring that back for sure!
Rah, can you imagine a next-gen Alex Kidd? Cough...well maybe not Alex Kidd

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The story is too old to be commented.