Bungie in creative pursuit of new genres

Ten year plan mapped out with milestones and projects pencilled in, says the studio’s community director

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R2D23420d ago

Heavy Rain was a breath of fresh air.

Is it possible to combine many geners in one game?

Lets say an open world game with a large land scape (San Andreas) that starts of as a FPS (Halo) but you can swtich to any view (Fall Out 3) and when you get in a car in has amazing driving game play (GT5). You will also battle some bosses but have the option to fight them hand to hand combat (Street Fighter) or all guns blazing (Vanquish) or turnbase fighting (Final Fantacy) and the world is also very interative (Heavy Rain). In your spare time you have the options to play sports (Madden,NBA Live,PES,The Show) and the graphics would be bad a$$ (Uncharted 2)