Bungie: New Engine 'Well Underway'

NowGamer: Bungie has confirmed work has begun on the tech that it's new 10-year franchise will be built on

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Wizziokid3417d ago

I wonder if the engine is being made equal for both 360 and PS3 or will the PS3 version be superior, I would love to see what Bungie can do with the PS3.

TheLeprachaun3417d ago

I have a feeling we won't se bungies next game this generation.

siyrobbo3417d ago

i hope we don't see it this generation

ProjectVulcan3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

I think bungie could struggle with PS3. Core engine technology has never been their strong suit, 360 is by far the easiest machine to develop for and look see still how halo 3 wasnt exactly a technical tour de force.....

After working with 360 for five years they seem to have a better handle on it, and i dont think you could expect them to get more from PS3 considering their history. Its rather unrealistic if you think they will jump onto PS3 and manage to make it easily outperform hardware they are VERY familiar with. That is unless Sony invest massive engineering resources into helping them. It probably wouldnt be profitable for sony, but it would be a massive PR coup if a PS3 version of a bungie game were better than a 360 one.

Sevir043417d ago

So i'm pretty sure they'll have some developers who help them get the best of the PS3 with new rendering techniques. and not only that. bungie is friends with ND, So i'm sure a phone call to Naughtdogs will bring over the major expertise the have in PS3 engine development to Bungie's stable. Naughtydog are known for outsorcing their help to 3rd party devs using the ICE
Team Initiative! along with Insomniacs Nocturnal intiative So to simply say they will struggle is a bit much considering all the resources availible at their finger tips. i think especially now, Sony is in a great position to have their brand associated with bungie by getting Activition to exclusively Market anything bungie made from this ten year dealership with them kinda the way all things COD autoimatically hits MS first. time will tell.

Computersaysno3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Resources are one thing but having in house technical expertise is another thing. You would wonder why Bayonetta or Mafia 2 turned out so poor on PS3 considering their parent publishers have enough cash and other developers with PS3 experience but turn out poor they still did. I dont think for a second the PS3 version of a bungie game would be crap but i would bet its a stretch to make it equal to a 360 version when the developer doesnt have a rep for technical prowess and has half a decade long experience with 360 versus nil on PS3!

Experience counts for nearly everything on PS3. Even first party PS3 developers acknowledge this. Just look at the difference between Infamous 1 and 2. Or now even Bayonetta and Vanquish. Experience gained with PS3 turns into results. Few multi devs turn out games that are near equal on these plats with their first attempt.

coolfool3417d ago

I think whether Sony gets Activision to exclusively Market anything bungie for PS3 depends wholly on the genre and the game Bungie are developing. The XBox 360 whether they want it or not has became synonymous with FPS games but I don't think Sony would be happy with that kind of "genre type-casting". On the other hand, if it's an IP which is new, refreshing and different in terms of genre and plot then I think Sony would consider it. However, in the past they haven't really done this.

IMChampion3417d ago

I'm sure it'll be running great on PS3 but look for any and all 360 games to get 'exclusive' content and such. They had a great relationship with MS so this would only be logical.

Jamegohanssj53417d ago

Milking another franchise? VINTAGE BUNDIE!


CaptainAmerica3417d ago

Saying something stupid? VINTAGE JAMEGOHANSSJ5!


Jamegohanssj53417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

Mad on the Internetz? VINTAGE N4G MEMBERS!



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Carlos_Irwin_Estevez3417d ago

hopefully get to see it running on ps3.

THC CELL3417d ago

Bungie should try something exclusive on ps3

gypsygib3417d ago

I pre-ordered Reach but I wish bungie made a new engine for this game because the graphics aren't at all impressive compared to other FPS games.

timmyrulz3417d ago

Under Activision you can bet your arse that the game will be PC/360/PS3/WII/PSP/DS/IPHONE/D REAMCAST/JAILBREAK/GAMEBOY/MEGA DRIVE/NES/SNES

You get the picture ;)

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