F1 2010: Live-Comparison Real-Korea vs. Codemasters

A new HD-Video compares the unfinished Korean high-speed-circuit with the virtual F1 2010-track.

Check it out!

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Letros3416d ago

ditto, $36 for this game is an uber deal.

HeroXIV3416d ago

Day 33... or day 34 for me.

FishCake9T43416d ago

Ill be getting this game faster then Sebastian Vettel can take out an opposing driver, but most likely his team mate.

Valkyre3416d ago

@ fishcake9T4

lol + bubbles man epic post! :D :D

Hoje03083416d ago

As a fan of Vettel, I still had to give you a bubble. Funny shit right there!

S_C3416d ago

Are they a safe and reliable site, because they are always cheaper than any1 eles, i always get abit caucious when a website starts selling games sumtimes more than £5 cheaper than anyone eles. If they are safe and reliable ill give them a go?, i can remember reading somewhere on the internet that if you wanted to trade in a game you bought of there in a store in the UK that you couldnt because they were inports, is this true ?

Independent_Charles3416d ago

no idea about that but i just picked up r.u.s.e from them cheaper than game or gamestation and i got it wednesday when it was meant to come out today. you usually get them game a day or 2 before the release date which is cool. so yer i would recomend them.

jay23416d ago

Hey they're fine, they don't import.

ProjectVulcan3416d ago

Under 20 quid for the Pc version. A steal. Going by how GRID and DIRT 2 run on PC, this will be undemanding and anyone with a half decent Pc should go for it

3416d ago
Shaymin3416d ago

I would love to buy this but I heard Gran Turismo 5 has F1 racing as well....

So ummm I am going to buy GT5 instead

GamerSciz3416d ago

And as far as "realism" goes, well check out this older Real vs GT5 vid.

S_C3416d ago

That looks spitting image of real life and that is an old vid GT5 is going to be amazing, but i also think that F1 2010 is going to be amazing, both day 1's for me

ian723416d ago

They did a good job with that track, it's very close to the real one. I like what I've seen in F1 2010 and will be buying it when released. Also getting GT5 and the new NFS games.