Sony Details 30-Day UK Move Tour

Sony has given IncGamers full details of a promotional campaign to launch its eagerly-awaited Move device, which goes on sale September 17.

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acky13418d ago

how much the supermarkets in the UK are planning to sell it for?

Aquarius3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

if you mean on the high street


I suggest you go to

they have been the cheapest in months
paid in advance for MOVE just over a month back

the only thing they don't have the cheapest is the nav controller and the charging station
go to amazon for those

acky13418d ago

Was just wondering if any supermarkets were planning on cutting the price, a lot, like they did with new releases of some games...wishful thinking.

Slient Knight 93418d ago

sweet its coming to my work place, in milton keynes but i'm on holiday hopefully still there when i get back.

coolfool3418d ago

It appears to be a day at each place..... so if it says October 8th then that's the day it'll be there. Is that right or am I mistaken?

coolfool3418d ago

Yay! It's coming to the supermarket opposite where I work. I'll definitely be going there to have a go!

greengamer3418d ago

shame nearest for me is Newcastle :(

mmoplaya3418d ago

Get in one in Bristol! Will have to give it a gander on the dates

seedaripper19733418d ago

In bristol mate, but all of them are frigging miles from me in bedminster, i was kinda hoping ASDA bedminster :(

smithdown3417d ago

Emerson's Green, Longwell Green and Patchway?? WTF? For a start Emersons and Longwell are a stone's throw from each other, and secondly all 3 are miles from the centre! I'd have thought Asda Bedmo, Broadmead and Cribbs would have been the best bet. Marketing muppets...

Not that I give a hoot cos I'm getting it day 1 anyway through shopto. Mint.

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The story is too old to be commented.