Bungie Hints at 'Multi-Genre' IP

NowGamer reports that Bungie community manager Brian Jarrard has today hinted that its next Activision-published franchise could spread across multiple formats and genres, including handheld and mobile devices. Full story here.

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Wizziokid3423d ago

can't wait to see what this IP is!

Forbidden_Darkness3423d ago

RPG + FPS = AMAZING! (like borderlands)

Whatever it is, im sure Bungie will do an amazing job on the series.

CombatEvolving3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Open world RPG shooter, calling it now. Just look at their job listings.

ndibu3423d ago

If Reach is anything to go by, they know how to make gaming fans happy

Akagi3423d ago

Yep! And they are going to be working for a much wider audience!

ndibu3423d ago

In my opinion. Unless a studio is 1st party, I do not see the point in limiting your sales. Unless of course you're paid to do a specific IP by Sony or Microsoft, eg Insomniac

DigitalAnalog3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Then why not spread across the Wii, the PSP or even the NDS? Star Wars the Force unleashed did it. Point is, it COSTS money to develop for both platforms, even moreso if you're trying to get dibs on the PS3. Granted, multi-plats are what we call the "safe-point" for investment returns.

Remember that game "Dante's Inferno"? It was multi-plat wasn't it, didn't outsell GOWIII despite having 70+ million consoles to derive from. Striking a niche and generally selling the game are two VERY different things.

-End statement

Tres213423d ago

im sorry i had 2 disagree but really Dante's Inferno compared 2 established GOW3...nah

Dante im sure did alot better than being limited 2 1 console cuz really if it was it hav 2 be 360 do u really want that game being all alone on ps3 againist gow..uhh no at least wit 360 they had that rare according 2 here gamer on 360 that plays those games & do u really wanna but all ur eggs into that rare gamer buyin the game..

& spreading across every plat is different from spreadin across the similar'd hav 2 figure in motion control(most likely why were gonna see alot of wii games gettin ported 2 ps3 than prob 360 not that they might be good ports but how many good ports r there really) & less buttons on handhelds 2 make the controllers feel natural

but its Bungie & i dont see them throwin sumthin 2gether just 2 get a few dollars off PS3 they're gonna want there 1st game being there best game so there name means sumthin on PS3, its always up 2 the dev's 1st then gamers 2 get the games & only time will tell if it works out that way

Dazel3423d ago

that don't sound like Activation, lol.

knowing bungie, it'll be massive.

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The story is too old to be commented.