Japanese hardware charts – PS3 poised for year-to-date Wii kill

Media Create’s Japanese hardware figures today have put PS3 within striking distance of passing Wii in the country this year, with only around 3,000 units now separating the two systems in 2010.

We missed this data last week thanks to Duke Nukem Forever. The upside is you now get two sets of weekly figures in one go. Try to keep those pants on, boys.

Wii passed the million mark for the year in Japan this week, and now stands at a total of 1,000,482 consoles sold in 2010.

It now seems certain that PS3 will both achieve the same milestone next week and pass Wii for the year: the Sony system has sold 997,187 machines this year, and bested Wii by 6,000 units this week.

Xbox 360 enjoyed a new sales achievement in Japan this week, hitting the 150,000 mark this year to stand at 150,649 units sold.

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scofios3426d ago

Greenberg where are you ? .
Some people will need comfort after they read this .

TotalPS3Fanboy3426d ago ShowReplies(4)
Akagi3426d ago

When GT5 comes out, PS3 should take the lead.

rekof3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I don't know about that for Japan,..GT4 did way better in USA and Europe,..
GT5 is made for Europe to explode,..And total world domination,.. :) well at least surpassing 360 worldwide ,..

Still japan ,.. there is kirby and Donkey Kong,.. O just remembered ,.. MOVE !!!!! + time crisis,.. so maybe,..

I don't know,..Hope It comes sooner with MOVE !!
Would be a great victory for Sony,..

@N4BmpS way down this thread ,..
About DSes and PSP ,.. Japanese people are either eating them,..or gathering them to make some Super Mecha Metal Gear,.. that will kill the rest of us off,..

zootang3426d ago


I've got a feeling a Monster Hunter exclusive will be announced at TGS, that would surely conquer Japan?

Biggest3426d ago

Not if it's on the 360 it won't.

N4BmpS3426d ago

@rekof: If that is true I want my Magneto powers this holiday, I'm taking the DS/PSP feasting Japan.

All_4_One3426d ago

To be honest, I`m not so sure it will take the lead. It`s going to take more than GT5. The PS3 will pass up the 360, but it`s going to have to wait until after the slim, Kinect and Reach surge wear off. If Sony really pushes move, advertises hard, and owns black friday like they did last year, then I would imagine the takeover would start to begin early next year.

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ndibu3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

North America 360/Ps3 difference 9.5 million
Who should be crying and who should be celebrating?
Edit: and by the way the current gap is 150k wider than when the ps3 launched. Upcoming article. ;)
Here Come The Death Threats

ArcFatalix3426d ago

doesnt ring a bell? PS3 is quite expensive and has not hit casual price point.

PS3 is leading in europe ispite of a 1.5 year lead for the 360. MS should be embarresed so should you

lelo2play3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

It's good that the PS3 is selling well in Japan... but unfortunately it does not matter to western software developers. Japanese hardly buy games from western developers. They don't buy games like Call of duty's, halo's, killzone's, ratchet's, resistence's, fallout's, gta's, red dead redemptions, fable's, gears, god of war, etc...etc...etc.

Japanese basically buy crappie games made buy Japanese developers. PS3 need to sell more consoles in the USA.

Also... Good numbers for PSP's and DS's. As for 150k x360's sold, it's more then i expected.

Seijoru3426d ago

PS3 has a higher average attach rate than the 360 at this current time.

3426d ago
morkendo233426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Pacific Crest analyst, Michael McConnell reported this week that rapid deterioration of consumer demand has forced Microsoft to slash its Xbox 360 ...

love this statement: THE RAPID DETERIORATION OF CONSUMERS DEMAND!!................
FORCED TO SHOW how crappy 360 is. they are slashing its price even more to keep up with PS3 demands.

FOXDIE3426d ago

lol in japan the 360 is competing against the ps2!

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Dellis3426d ago

Japan means nothing to gaming anymore in terms of console sales, the most important market to capture is Europe which is a bunch of countries not just one like Japan or US.

Sarevok3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Are you really that stupid...?

''Japan means nothing to gaming anymore''

wow....Did you start gaming this gen?

N4PS3Fanboys3426d ago

Japan is the smallest region for sales, though. Here are hardware sales for the PS3 for the week of Sep. 4:

Americas: 61,961
Japan: 21,315
EMEAA: 59,405

Notice how Japan only puts up a third of the other region's sales? Now note how despite Japan refusing to buy American products, the 360 still surpasses the PS3 in worldwide sales despite doing poorly in Japan. Here are the 360 sales for Sep. 4:

Americas: 97,329
Japan: 2,656
EMEAA: 82,179

The PS3 outsold both the 360 and the Wii in Japan, but it still came in 3rd place worldwide for the week. I believe that says something about Japan's importance.

Sarevok3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


Wow got the rare high level skill.. (pull fake numbers outta your ass)

even if they are not fake, I can't trust what you say.(1 bbl and I see you troll all the time.)

zootang3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


"Now note how despite Japan refusing to buy American products,"

Umm..... how do explain Japan Buying Apple ipods?

Apple are huge in Japan! So care to explain why the 360 doesn't sell? Hardware failure maybe? Online entrance fee maybe?

Maybe Japan has smarter consumers?

JokesOnYou3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

*OR it could have a whole lot to do with the fact that Japan is not known worldwide for its reputation and influence with introducing mp3 players *OR of course the fact that American muisc artists songs are quite popular in Japan(most of the world too). However when it comes to videogame consoles its well known that the Japan holds a specific loyalty to homegrown brands because their culture identifies itself with their legacy in the gaming industry. It's no coincidence that 360 suffers miserable sales in Japan, while doing fairly well in most other territories....*OR maybe you actually do believe the same folks who buy more-expensive-less-functional ity-name brand-ipods over cheaper-more-functionality-but -less-popular-mp3-players are smarter than the rest of the world?= "Maybe Japan has smarter consumers?" lmfao, nah it looks like Japan has just as many idiot consumers as everywhere else, they just don't like foreign consoles, but considering the kind of games that frequent the top charts in Japan, I'd say their tastes in gaming are alot different from the rest of the world anyway....which is probably why most Japanese dev's are trying to broaden their horizons and cater to a larger market, instead of being closed off and limited to a future of only Japanese sales.


zootang3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )


Sony (Japan) came up with the Walkman (Japanese). I don't see what your point is? That Japanese consumers are selective racists? lol.

nycredude3426d ago


Don't waste your time these fanboys are retards who started gaming this gen. They probably never heard of the Walkman, Discman, toyota, Honda. They think MS created every nice piece of tech ever to come out, including their superior 360 with superior parts made in the USA.

Funny thing is the parts in the 360 is probably all from Japan, Taiwan and China and assembled in the Singapore or Mexico.

Dragun6193426d ago

Japan maybe a small country but it's certainly one of the big gaming markets out there. With 5.5 million units sold for PS3 and 10 million plus for the Wii, you would be a fool to say japan means nothing in terms of console sales.

And if you didn't notice, gaining ground in Japan can lead to more third party support. For example, NamcoBandai with Tales of Graces F and the next Tales games for PS3.

JokesOnYou3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Your dodging the obvious, I never said they were racist...there's a big difference between prefering a brand of product because you value the history behind its brand, thus making your buying habits selective VS just outright hating something else. Walkman's are irrevelant to this conversation, since music players have never been a product that has brought Japan worldwide notariety as the key founders of the industry we have today. I mean why bother overlooking the obvious when its well known that Japan heavily favors homegrown videogame consoles= which is why its been hard for ANY foreign console(not just micro) to become successful in Japan, Atari Jaguar and others failed quickly partly due to lack of Japanese support. lol, Japan has a absolute record of preference for only Japanese related gaming culture, I'm not making this up, yes every region has specific tastes but its well known that most western made games will sell everywhere besides Japan and most Japanese dev'd games won't sell anywhere outside of Japan. You tell me why that is? I think things may be different in Japan eventually but for now thats the reality or you can hold on to the belief that 360 is just a terrible product that for some strange reason ironicly only sells terribly in the Japanese market compared to every other region. lol, fact is Americans have been the biggest supporters(units sold) of sony's consoles, its only now with this gen that things have begun to change.


Trebius3425d ago

You need to throw some spaces in between your paragraphs. No one likes to read wall of texts.

It's irritating.

This is not a personal attack on you or anything, just hit the enter key once or twice after you finish a thought.

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HeroXIV3426d ago

1 Million units "doesn't mean anything"?

bustamove3426d ago

...*falls over laughing*

Dude, it's a console war. All countries and regions count.


HarryMonogenis3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Ahh, forget it...

EDIT: @bustamove below: How did I gang up on you? I'm one person that asked a question... >_>

@ Parapraxis below: Why is it a stupid question? Because if you're not apart of this stupid debate you're a looser?

buffig3426d ago

To be fair, he didn't say, "I'm in a console war"

bustamove3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Why so serious/bitter Harry? Did I say I was cheering any company? I would imagine this was a so-called 'console war' so that's why I said that. I'm also laughing about this console war anyway because it's pretty stupid once you look at it. You're getting disagrees because you ganged up on me, lol.

Lots of sensitive people here, geesh. o_o

Parapraxis3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"EDIT: I'm getting disagrees for asking a question?"
It's a stupid question. People are basically disagreeing with the stupidity of it.

Sam Fisher3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

true bout the whole existence thing, but its not just him, he means everybody that bought a console, without customers = no sales at all. so we are in this all together for one company or the next, hence loyalty

update: i guess everybody is ganging up on HarryMonogenis, so since i like sam fisher, and he was a double agent. i guess im on HarryMonogenis side, skrew you bustamove! kidding kidding.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3426d ago
sikbeta3426d ago

The THREE Markets are important, a primary example is the situation of the PS3, which keeps closing the "gap" if you take Japan in consideration and don't try deny its existence...

N4BmpS3426d ago

Yeah Dellis because Japan has nothing to offer the industry. Capcom, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix and others have fallen so far. Now well, that Europe man, they created the PS3, shook up the world with the Wii and brought us some other stuff.

See how stupid that sounded Dellis? and your comment was still worse. What are you upset because you see that the XBOX 360 is low? Dude it doesn't sell that great in Japan, you should already know that.

Crystallis3426d ago

"Japan means nothing to gaming anymore in terms of console sales, the most important market to capture is Europe which is a bunch of countries not just one like Japan or US."

You can't be that stupid..

LeShin3426d ago

lol!!!! That is the craziest shit I've heard for a while! Not sure whether to bubble you for making me laugh or diss you :-)

One of my favourite genres of games are fighting games, you know:

Tekken 6
Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny
Super Streetfighter 4
Blaz Blue
Virtua Fighter 4

I own all of them and they are made by talented Japanese devs.

Wanna know what contribution to fighting games this generation were made by US devs?

Def Jam Icon
MK vs DC

The prosecution rests lol

Case adjourned until the new Mortal Kombat comes out :-)

lelo2play3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"Japan means nothing to gaming anymore in terms of console sales, the most important market to capture is Europe which is a bunch of countries not just one like Japan or US."

To American/European game developers... Japan means nothing. American/European games don't sell in Japan.

To Japanese game developers... Japan means a lot. Most sales are from Japan but there are still some Japanese games that sell in Europe and USA.

Trebius3425d ago

When you bubble someone down, there should be a button that says, "Absolutely Moronic Statement".

Cause what you just said is absolutely moronic.

You obviously have no clue how the gaming industry works and what regions are more valuable than others.

Go do some homework and let the big boys talk.

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 3425d ago
The_Claw3426d ago

ya that makes total sense! more countries = better!

lmao wow what a fool. "we crushed the competition in derkaderkastan! we sold a whopping 250 units!"

its all about population bud

Matthew943426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

"its all about population bud"

yeah thats why china and india are such important markets... /s

8-bit3426d ago

It's units sold, why does it matter where it's from? PS3 is outselling 360 and you ignore it for what ever reason you think you can come up with

jp_footy23426d ago

I'm not a fanboy, i just think the ps3 is better value, so want more people to buy it.

redDevil873426d ago

Its a shame more people don't think like you

HarryMonogenis3426d ago

What's wrong with some one preferring a different system?

turok3426d ago

...But not many people think this way. and that is good. We need less sheep and more sheperds.

redDevil873426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

I never said there was something wrong with someone who prefers another system. Its just some people refuse to believe its better value even though its true.

N4BmpS3426d ago

Okay, what the Hell the Japanese don't have enough DS's? To be Japan alone that's fairly kind of a wow, when you look at the sales overall. And Good Lord the PSP.

yewles13426d ago

I'm guessing Akihabara and leaving it at that... ›.›....

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