Best Looking Game You've Probably Never Heard Of

So, what is this amazing looking game that you've never heard of? It's a game called Firefall. One of the reasons you've probably never heard of it is because it was only jusy announced at PAX. It's an impressive game, not only because of looks but the gameplay looks pretty awesome too. Oh, and it's going to be free. You heard me, free.

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Skizelli3426d ago

Is Firefall an MMO?

No. Firefall is first and foremost an action shooter. We incorporated a lot of elements that you might find in various genres, including MMOs, but it is not an MMO in the traditional sense.

How much will Firefall cost to play?

We are so excited about Firefall that we want to make sure everyone can play it and join their friends in the game. When Firefall releases, it will be available online for download and play for absolutely free.

Will there be a subscription fee?

Absolutely not. We do not feel that a subscription fee best suits the style of game we are creating.

How do you plan to make money?

We plan to offer a marketplace for Firefall that will offer players items to enhance their gaming experience. We are adamantly against selling anything that might compromise the skill-based aspect of the game.

Source: http://www.FireFallthegame....

shadow27973426d ago

Surprisingly looks a lot like Borderlands, but I'll try anything for free.

ChronoJoe3426d ago

Two more amazing looking games most people probably haven't heard of. :P

I just happened to have their trailers up on screen, so.

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The story is too old to be commented.