Sales Fall Again for Game Makers—Is Worst Over?

Software sales for the industry as a whole fell 14 percent last month to $403.5 million, according to NPD Group. That’s the worst performance for the month in three years and more than twice as bad as what some analysts were expecting.

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imvix3418d ago

They really should start accounting for the digital sales. Stuff like MW DLCs sold a ton. Also the DD on PC is growing very fast, we cant get an accurate idea of the market without accounting for DD.

smoothdude3418d ago

I think they do account for digital sales. I know VG Chartz doesn't track this information but the information is based off of company sales reports, and I just don't see them not including their Digital Download sales as this would anger investors. I could be wrong though.

Zinc3418d ago

"Mindful of this and other factors, NPD announced today that it would soon begin releasing quarterly sales reports that also include revenue from used games, digital downloads, downloadable content, rental and subscription services, mobile games and social networking games (such as Facebook).

When available, those should give investors a more complete look at the financial health of the video game industry."

That means as of right now they are not doing it, so those numbers are way off.

3417d ago