Call of Duty: Black Ops - Biggest Multiplayer Ever

Call of Duty: Black Ops will feature the biggest multiplayer mode in CoD history, Josh Olin said. It features not only new competetive modes it also features virtual money. Check the link for more information.

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dannybohy3417d ago

ive heard that is max 9v9!! so not that big ?!

Kurt Russell3417d ago

Looks like the same shit, run stab gameplay as the last one.

HeroXIV3417d ago

Buy it for PC, not being a PC fantard here, but with mods + servers... you'll get a good 60 player match going. :D

Akagi3417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

But if you're on PC, why aren't you playing TF2?

Saryk3417d ago

Because games are like women. Yes the one you have might be great. But that new 18 year old in the mini-skirt looks fine and you wouldn’t mind trying that ride.

HarryMonogenis3417d ago

"It features not only new competetive modes it also features virtual money."

Halo: Reach also has a Credit System too >_>

xAlmostPro3417d ago

reach isn't cod though is it?.. it does say IN COD HISTORY

GamerSciz3417d ago

CS 1.6 had virtual money to buy weapon loadouts. Then CS Source had gungame which is identical to CoD's new gungame. There really is nothing new as an overall factor but for CoD it's all new for its history yes.

sashimi3417d ago

So black Ops is just taking features from games that majority of FPS gamers have been enjoying for the past 5+ years... and putting it on consoles..REVOLUTIONARY!never been done before.

Deputydon3416d ago

Gungame has been in CS for a long, long time. It was most definitely in CS 1.6. And I'm fairly certain I've even played a 'One in the Chamber' esque mod in CS. Hell CS also had a zombie mode way before even L4D1 was out.

I think the Treyarch team are some CS fans.

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The_Claw3417d ago

he means biggest=best

try reading the article first

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3417d ago
theonlylolking3417d ago

So that means story mode will be shorter than before? or Did they compress more stuff?

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joypads3417d ago

all the hype surrounding this game indicates one thing only : treyarch/activision are shit scared since infinity ward formed their new studio with EA & worried about the next FPS game they're making.

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The story is too old to be commented.