Resolution: Amnesia: The Dark Descent review

Resolution's Jennifer Allen writes: As a child I absolutely hated the dark. There was a very clear reason behind this: the unknown. I had a very active imagination so, to me, the great unknown was terrifying. Anything could have been out there. Sure it was just my bedroom but what was stopping a huge lumbering monster being out there in the dark? Waiting for me to let my guard down before it struck. Exactly. The dark was scarier than anything I could possibly see in the light, purely down to the potential it offered. Amnesia: The Dark Descent captures this mentality perfectly and ably scares you silly.

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iammason3416d ago

Not that I haven't played it, but I downloaded the demo off Steam 2 nights ago. Yes, I played it at night, and the developer tells you as soon as you boot up the game that it is one of the best ways to experience it, along with headphones. I did as the developer intended, and I must say, I played for roughly 15-20 minutes until I got so spooked I had to shut it off.

It's that scary.

This should be a Move title, i think it would work really well and be able to reach a broader audience.

Letros3416d ago

PC, Mac, Linux, pretty broad already...this is a small indie dev, porting their engine to ps3 architecture would most likely be a HUGE risk.

DigitalAnalog3416d ago

It does capture the scary feeling perfectly well. (Something that MANY horror games are struggling to do) I'm hoping for a discount with their other previous games Penumbra. If not, I might buy this next month or so.

-End statement

3416d ago