Sony: We can't compete with Xbox's spending

Sony has cheekily admitted that it will never be able - or perhaps have the inclination - to spend the same amount on pushing PlayStation as Microsoft does on Xbox.

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Stealth Disagreer3416d ago

Its hard to spend what you dont make

GreenRingOfLife3416d ago ShowReplies(23)
Babypuncher3416d ago

is that why you don't have a PS3???

Dragun6193416d ago


Yeah, It's sorta hard to spend when you have 21 studios all trying to make AAA titles while trying to push 3D and PS Move all at the same time.

Sarcasm3416d ago

lol @greenringoflife supposedly owning a PS3.

Sarcasm3416d ago ShowReplies(4)
shoddy3416d ago

do you think it's cheap to own 21 studio?
what they are saying is they don't spend that much on ads.

thier resource are spend on quality content.

tinybigman3416d ago

I don't need Sony spending millions on marketing when they can put it towards 2-3 quality titles or some quality studios.

I don't play advertising, I play quality games this is something M$ needs to look into going forward into the future. Because I'm not going to be playing the same 3 exclusives over and over and over.

Smart knowledgeable gamers don't need adverts to know what games are coming in the future becuase we are always looking for game info.

alb18993416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

wait, you just can't compare does two talking...........remember sony is a company with a lot of owners to make decisions and Microsoft is Bill Gates the richest man on earth.

pippoppow3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Sony spends the money their fans give them on games. MS spends it on marketing, apps and features. As a gamer which one benefits you more?

MAR-TYR-DOM3416d ago

HAHAHA "I'm pretty sure Sony is rich enough to do what ever MS can do." Thats DEFINATELY NOT the case, sony is like one fifth the size of microsoft in terms on Company Value my reference is forbes company values (go have a look before you disagree with a Fact). But who cares really, sony gives us GAMERS great GAMES and offers a BETTER GAMING experience than its competition and that's all we should care about.

dillydadally3416d ago

I think it's smart they only spend on quality content. Spending money on advertising big games is an absolute waste of money. I think the millions MS spends on advertising is going to make them hardly anything at all because the videogame industry doesn't work like that - people don't learn about games or choose to look into them off of advertising like other industries - it's all previews, reviews, word of mouth, etc. Maybe if you have a new IP or a small unheard of game, it would be worth it. Has an ad ever convinced anyone here to buy or look into a game that wasn't an unknown?

Anarki3416d ago

Spot on! This couldn't be more right.

Microsoft are all about advertising
Sony are all about great content.

TheTwelve3416d ago

Sony doesn't need to spend like Microsoft does. If Microsoft doesn't spend this way, they'd have less of a chance than they already have. They're attempting to buy the value of the SONY namebrand and that's priceless.


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timmyrulz3416d ago

Basically Sony put all of their eggs in one basket by introducing Blu ray and the Cell - They expected to cream the competition again but strong opposition from Nintendo and MS have basically shit on their bonnett

wicko3416d ago

Way to stay on topic and instead find an opportunity to troll.

tinybigman3416d ago

I'm glad they did instead of resting on their laurels.

timmyrulz3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

How the hell is that trolling??????

The article is about Sony not been able to compete with MS when it comes to cash, my reponse was its down to them spending all of their money made from the PS2 on blu ray and the cell and they were expecting to rake it all back with sales of the ps3, however it didnt work so thats why they cant compete!

Oh sorry i forgot, anything negative against Sony is considered as trolling

raztad3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

"Basically Sony put all of their eggs in one basket by introducing Blu ray and the Cel"

Yet I'm enjoying watching full HD movies and playing exclusives that raise the bar in each iteration. On top of that 3D for free and high quality 7.1 sound. It seems like PS3 owners win. Hope you are a MS stockholder.

GrooveChampion3416d ago

I think it's considered trolling because it's pretty obvious that PS3 has tech that is at least less outdated than Wii or 360. It doesn't magically make games better, but it's clear that at least first party devs are making use of the features. Sony may have gone all in with Blu-ray and Cell, but it's paid off in terms of the games we play.

On a side note, the last 12 months or so has seen a rise in the belief that N4G is a pro-sony site. 3 years ago it could be argued it was a pro-microsoft site as there were a ton of 360 articles for various games. Well, I don't know if this site actually leans either way, or ever did, as it's a news aggregation site, so when there is news, chances are someone will submit it.

Frankly, MS has had Kinect, Kinect games, Halo and Gears 3 to crow about for the past year. Last year was pretty light too and next year is looking even lighter at the moment due to no Halo being announced yet. When MS puts out the games, N4G will be brimming with 360 news again.

So when Sony has 5 or 6 high profile titles per year, and another 5 or 6 low profile titles on PSN or whatever, don't be so surprised if they get coverage on N4G. When MS does the same, they will be treated the same.

If you like, you can go ahead and name 10 titles that are coming exclusive to 360 that deserve more news time, and then submit news stories about those titles. That should give us all something to chat about.

Narutone663416d ago

It should be MS put all their efforts into the shooter genre, hence their console is only well-known as a shooter console. That's putting all your egg into one basket.

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bjornbear3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

he only speaks about marketing. And its true, I mean, look MS = Marketingstrategy/Microsoft, same difference xD

MS probably does marketing better than anything else they yeah

I rather Sony spend all that cash on good games_/ good console

marketing means sh!t if your product isn't up to par (in the long run, short run Marketing is king)

CBaoth3416d ago

word of mouth can only sell so much. Sony's studios make some fantastic games. But I consistently get PM'ed by friends on the PS3 asking me what I'm playing. Some have never heard of it. Infamous springs to mind.

And yes, I'd rather have games instead of marketing. But the games alone don't garner sales. Consumer awareness plays a part too. Frankly, Sony doesn't have the money since they allocate their resources to game development. This is the double-edge of the sword Sony swings. I utilize the internet, I read the gaming mags; unfortunately, not every gamer does.

ndibu3416d ago

The investors cannot afford to lose anymore money into that blackhole so they decided to go with word of mouth...chuckles
Here Come The Death Threats.
Pretty lonely at the bottom huh? Of course not, ps3 has psp to keep it company

milohighclub3416d ago

sony are making profit now so they lost nothing. personally i'd rather have good games to play, than a flashy ad on tv. ms seems to think gamers dont want to play games anymore.

mantisimo3416d ago

The option to edit comments if you only have 1 bubble.

The idea is to edit mistakes, not stealth edit or edit as a dozen more replys.

Green ring I'm a looking at you.

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TheGreenMan3416d ago

Is that why the Playstation brand has made $63 billion in revenue over it's lifespan?

...get a life troll.

gtamike3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Better to use the money to make games than spam ads

tinybigman3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

most of us have been gaming since the atari days so we know our stuff, so here's a question.

does M$ think we don't know what halo is? They are going to spend in excess of $100 million for. Advertising on something we all know about already. Should they use that money on 1-2 new IPs, or a purchase of a quality studio.

If you don't know what halo is after 5 games in this series you are a bleeding idiot in my book.

The Lazy One3416d ago

M$ doesn't market to you or me. We'll buy or not buy it regardless of the marketing because we are informed consumers. They market to the other 6.19999 billion people on the planet.

3416d ago
catguykyou3416d ago

While Sony may not spend as much as Microsoft, I do think they spend their money on wiser investments. Sony was not known for their first party titles during teh PS and PS2 erra. They were the console to go to because they had so much love from all the 3rd party companies. Lots of exclusives too. Now they have invested in lots of first party material and the stuff coming from them is AAA material. Seems like a better investment to me considering they still get the amount of 3rd party support that they do.

Sarick3416d ago

Microsoft live subscribers help pay for advertising. Sony gives the users online free with optional services. See the difference?

Of course they can invest on advertisements when they subsidize earnings from mandatory online subscriptions to play online games. Other consoles offer online play at little to nothing.

KiLLUMiNATi_893416d ago

See if you think about it, there's no way in hell all them developers that Sony has aren't paid undercover. I'm sure all them developers such as naughty dog and guerllia games wouldn't mine going multiplatform. IDC what any one says Sony spends money too undcover not just MS. Or unless them developers are faithful to Sony, but I'm telling you money talks.

sashimi3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

It's easy to spend when you only have 2 games coming out a year as vs Sony's 41534563(exaggeration i know but you get the point)games per year.Then theres the 26 studios that Sony has to many does Microsoft have again...?

frostypants3416d ago

Why should Sony need to spend as much as MS? The PS3 is selling faster than the 360 at a fraction of the marketing expenditure. Sony is playing this game better.

Anon19743416d ago

I didn't see that anywhere.

I hate when articles splash up a headline that isn't actually supported by the article.

mrcash3416d ago

I don't think it has to do with what they don't make, I think its more about them already taking a huge loss on the ps3 and its time to invest their money wisely.

The Xbox Empire3416d ago

"Its hard to spend what you dont make"


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United4Life3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

No shit Sony would Lose.But that Doesn"t Concern me , As long as they Give out Quality hardware and software like the Ps3 and it"s games , the PS3 will always be my Premier gaming Platform.

4pocalyps33416d ago

Microsoft aren't the richest company in the world. Also, why do you put random capital letters in the middle of your sentences?

ExplosionSauce3416d ago

I think Sony spends more money in studios and games rather than marketing/advertising.

AngryTypingGuy3416d ago

"Also, why do you put random capital letters in the middle of your sentences?"


Digitaldude3415d ago

That may be so but they aren't using their money wisely then, Xbox exclusives in the upcoming year pale in quantity to Playstaions.

3415d ago
commodore643415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Of course they can't.

They are already in the red to the tune of $5 billion, thanks to the ps3.
Any money that they were going to spend on the ps3 has already been used in subsidising the sale of the Ps3 hardware in the last four years.

Not trolling, just pointing out the truth.

AngryTypingGuy3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Hasn't the 360 been making a profit for a while now. I think the PS3 just started making a profit only a few months ago. Commodore, where do you get your information?

Also, why is MS demonized for advertising? It's what companies do. Good advertising helped MS to outsell the PS3 in the largest video game market, North America. Now if only MS would buy a game studio or two. I think that would be best, but then again, with MS's money, they'll always be able to secure exclusives.

ColJessup3415d ago Show
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Oldsnake0073416d ago

lmao dude even apple has more money than Microsoft.

97gsx3416d ago

NO apple does not have more money then ms. NO NO NO.Microsoft kills apple in profits and profit margins. You are thinking revenue which apple only beat ms one or two quarters. Revenue means nothing really.

aviator1893416d ago

Wow, you're...misinformed.

coolbeans3416d ago

Look up these things before typing them. MS isn't the biggest company in the world either

mrdxpr23416d ago

the biggest company in the world is the goverment o.O .. yes well they are a mafia but hey so is the Vatican

Trebius3416d ago

Do some research before typing silly things like that.

PopEmUp3415d ago

what can you say from an Old Snake, he living in the past haha

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97gsx3416d ago

Microsoft has no plan to recuperate the 8 billion and counting they have lost on xbox brand. The whole point of the xbox was to get the microsft name into your tvs not just your computers. The xbox was a trojan horse and now we will see microsoft abandon the hardcore gamers and invest everything into natal. Natal is exactly what MS wanted a device to control the home using MS SOFTWARE.

Sony did the same with blu-ray but they have no intentions on screwing the hardcore gamers.Since its becoming profitable for them again.

Independent_Charles3416d ago

the whole point of the xbox is to stop the dominationof apple and co. getting a gripe on your liveing room. they might take losses but in the bigger picture its capable losses.

frostypants3416d ago

Gawd, could you imagine if Apple took over the home console market? *vomit*

Independent_Charles3416d ago

thinks about your comment* then has nightmares

Theonik3416d ago

They tried to do that. Apple pippin ring any bells?

theafroman3416d ago

you're so wrong ms wont abandon the hardcore they broadening their appeal and thanks to live they'll make back those 8 billion back quick last year they made over 670 mill on subscribers alone

97gsx3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

The live subscription offsets the loses.Profit for last year for the whole division was around that much. The whole reason live is going up is because they need to make that money back double or investors will start selling. Also natal is gonna be a huge loss for the company many investors think it will cost 1 billion for them to release it. Microsoft has also increased costs to release on xbox live thats why developers are starting to get peeved.

dcbronco3415d ago

Sony had a separate games division until recently. MS has always included Xbox in a division with several other products. Most of which make no profit. Some are things like advertising for operating systems that run into the 100's of million a year while the profits 10's of billions in revenue from those products goes to another division. The 360 was sold at a lose in the beginning, they lose on RRoD. But the 360 started being sold at a profit around two years ago. So even in the third year when the division showed a loss, Xbox itself made money. Microsoft keeps Xbox in with a bunch of other products so they can keep the $299 price tag while making money on the console and no one complains. Do you really think Microsoft can't drop the manufacturing cost of the 360 over the last five years while Sony was able bring their cost down over $450.Microsoft has added several inexpensive parts(wi-fi), but shrunk the main chips two sizes and have now combined them. The GPU and CPU were the most expensive pieces of the console and die shrinks are where you get your major savings. Microsoft is making plenty from the 360.

PopEmUp3415d ago

theafroman fail in so many level, what a brainwash moronic M$ fanboy

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OSIRUSSS3416d ago

Exxon is the richest company in the world.

frostypants3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Nah, J.P. Morgan Chase is.

The Lazy One3416d ago

actually it's walmart this year. Check the fortune 500 listings for 2010.

ABizzel13416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

People don't realizes this, but Sony is also one of the richest companies in the world. They never make Forbes list, because they are not a unified company. Each part of Sony is ran as it's own business.

Sony Computer Entertainment aka PS3
Sony Music aka the biggest Record Label in US possibly the World (since BMG merger)
Sony Pictures aka Sony's movie, television, and mobile entertainment studio.
Sony Ericsson aka Sony phones
Sony Electronics aka TV's, Blu Ray players, laptops, etc...
Sony Financial aka Sony Life Insurance, banking, etc...
Sony Corp. aka the business side of Sony

Sony is a huge company, but until they become one company then they won't have the support to blow money like MS can and does.

SkyGamer3416d ago

Sony is unified. What are you talking about? Even Columbia Pictures has the "sony picture company" below it. Besides how many of those divisions are profitable? Also Universal says hi as they own more studios than most anyone else. sony bought Columbia from Coke and Columbia isn't even that big back then. General Electric which still owns majority shares of NBC/Universal which owns the majority shares of Blizzard/Activision sees sony like a speck on the ground.

ABizzel13416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Sony is not unified, if they were Howard (CEO) wouldn't have initiated a plan to bring all the companies together in order to save Sony billions.

Each company is under the name Sony, but they are not one unified business. They all run separately.

4me23416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I think ABizzel1 is right about structure of Sony.
The companies he listed are to some extend separate entities.

Sony Corporation is EQUITY HOLDER for all of them.

For example when you watch TV show you see "Sony Pictures" (or something like that) and not just "Sony Corporation".

I think this is more complete list:


Sony EMCS Corporation
Frontage Inc.
Sony Global Solutions Inc.
Sony Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Sony Chemicals Corporation
Sony Communication Network Corporation
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Sony Supply Chain Solutions,Inc.
Sony Siroisi Semiconductor Inc.
Sony Life Insurance Co,. Ltd.
Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation
Sony Assurance Inc.
Sony Tochigi Corporation
Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
---Columbia Pictures
---TriStar Pictures
---Mandalay Entertainment (partial interest)
---Phoenix Pictures (partial interest)
---Sony Pictures Classics
---Sony Pictures Entertainment
---Columbia-Tri Star Home Video
---Triumph Films
---United Artists
---Screen Gems
Sony PCL Inc.
Sony Human Capital Corporation
Sony Finance International, Inc.
Sony Facility Management Corporation
Sony Fukushima Corporation
Sony Plaza Co.,Ltd.
Sony Precision Technology Inc.
Sony Broadcast Media Co., Ltd
Sony Broadband Solutions Corp.
Sony Marketing Co., Ltd.
Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation
Sony Miyagi Corporation
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
---Sony/ATV Music Publishing
---Sony BMG Music Entertainment
---Columbia Records - popular music
---Epic Records - popular music
---Legacy Recordings - rare and collectible in many genres
---Sony Classical - classical music
---Sony Nashville - country music
---Sony Wonder - children’s and family entertainment

lonix3416d ago

Sony network entertainment (SNE)

ABizzel13415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )


You are almost 100% correct.

Except a lot of those companies on your list are no longer there, they've merged into one of the Sony named companies.