Halo 3: Revisiting A Legend (Part One)

NowGamer looks back at the making of Halo 3, the game's impact on popular culture and interviews Bungie about why it thinks the game has been so successful. Part two goes on NowGamer tomorrow according to the end of the article.

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HarryMonogenis3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

It did break international records on its first weekend.. so what's funny?

EDIT: I just got a disagree for stating a fact? Oh, right. People are actually in denial over this. Sad.

bobcostus3423d ago

Whether you like Halo or not, denying it's immense impact on the gaming industry is complete ignorance.

hennessey863423d ago

niether side will accept a games greatness, 360 fans troll killzone, ps3 fans troll halo. It will always be the same, i have both consoles and i think both games are amazing but i prefer halo which the sony fangirls wont accept

bobcostus3423d ago

I agree completely. It's sad how many great games these guys (of both camps) are going to miss. You should play the game, not the system. (metaphorically speaking)

boodybandit3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Trolls, troll.
Fanboys are fanboys.
Haters will always hate.

For me it's this simple.
F reviews, sales and especially the haters (trolls or fanboys).
I play what "I" like and could care less about any of the above.

Perjoss3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

you cannot compare halo with killzone, one of them made a huge impact on gaming and is hugely successful with millions still playing it online, the other is just a pretty tech demo.

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kasasensei3423d ago

Yes it is.

But you have to try it to know it.

ndibu3423d ago

Highest selling exclusive, barring Wii beast of course, this generation.
Most hated game by PS3 Fanboys
Biggest and coolest online community.
Oh yeah, you're right, nothing legendary there.
Did I forget, broke the record for entertainment in its launch week? Has a playstation game done that this generation? Honest question

hennessey863423d ago

is an amazing game that is still played online to this day. I dont see whats funny or is it a fangirl joke

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timmyrulz3423d ago

The game was/is so successful because it had a solid single player campaign, unrivalled multiplayer which is easy to pick up and play for the unexperienced and well balanced for the more professional gamers out there. There is no evidence of glitching bastards and every game is a challenge for every player.
IMO Halo 3 is one of, if not THEE best game ever where you get more bang for your buck (along with orange box)

hennessey863423d ago

and with halo reach looking to take it to another level i cant see an fps competing with it for a long time to come, ok you might see better looking games but halo is alot more than just eyecandy. I feel like im steeling halo reach paying only 45 pounds id pay a 100

bobcostus3423d ago

Yes, but the difference is that Bungie was/is good about fixing exploits as best they can. IW took forever to fix anything, and the game is still incredibly broken. (granted the studio is in shambles now, but still)

dark-hollow3423d ago

Yeah but when a beta like halo reach had less glitches than many full games you gotta admit that bungie is the best when it comes to polishing

HDgamer3423d ago

Lol I never said anything about IW slow pathetic ass. They made an incredibly broken game that they couldn't even fix.

dtalon33423d ago

your intelligence is evident in your pre-pubescent use of retarded internet slang...your point is invalid and/or moot.

HarryMonogenis3423d ago

Haha! Bubbles for confusing the Troll. XD

dark-hollow3423d ago

You can't judge halo by watching some random youtube videos
That's the problem with most people
You gotta spend some time online and specially with some of your friends online or split screen and believe me you gonna be addicted in no time

fastrez3423d ago

Put it this way, some people still feel it's 'cool' to hate Halo..

...which is just retarded really.

3423d ago
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