Virtua Tennis 4 PS3 Hands-On With Move & 3D | Eurogamer

Eurogamer: "The Move integration is another matter. It changes everything, not only how you play the game, but how you'll want to play it. VT2009 felt like a half-step compared to this. Motion control is finally being applied in ways that work, and it's accurate enough now to be more than a novelty. It's a shame that such a lot of bad will has been built up around it in the gaming community, because it's got more potential for traditional games now than it's ever had."

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fooltheman3422d ago

"Movement left and right is automatic at the moment, but that's being worked on."

this rocks ^^
hope it turns out well ^^

raztad3422d ago

Well, well. Picky Eurogamer was MOVED. Pun intended :)

It seems next gen Motion Tech is finally here.

TK4213422d ago

Now I'm waiting for EA to put me in a FP view of the quarterback and let me throw my own passes.

ForzaGT3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

ace game on the Dreamcast, may have found the perfect platform with motion support/3D to re-emerge as a great tennis game

redDevil873422d ago

wonder if it will have the sharapova... "UUUGGGGGHHHHHH, AARRRGGHHHH, AAAARGGHHHHHUUUUUUUU"

*crowd claps*

fooltheman3422d ago

I think you can add that yourself...
voice recognition for more power lol

(well sounds like a great game mechanic)

redDevil873422d ago

i could add it .... but cmon you'd rather hear it from her lol

Pennywise3422d ago

What a positive preview. Look forward to seeing how the completed game turns out.

SexyPrawns3422d ago

Can't wait! I love tennis! This will save me the club fee. Lol.

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