Gran Turismo 5: Ugly Tornado Bug Shown in a New Video

A new video shows an ugly tornado bug in Gran Turismo 5.

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TrevorPhillips3422d ago

How many times do I have to say this, it is just a demo the full version of the game is great.

ryuzu3422d ago

I think this is deliberate - GT5 now has a Skate style tricking mode ;) In the rest of that video he grinds the rail around the track for a while before kick flipping into the pit lane. SICK!


thereapersson3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

The Real Flying Simulator


Oh, and let's see how long GreenRing's comment stays around, despite receiving 100+ disagrees.

ryuzu3422d ago

Damn right - I mean what kind of developer releases a game with these kind of bugs?

And those graphics :/

Back to school devs!!


MikeMichaels3422d ago

Realtime weather confirmed, with tornados!!!!!!

...seriously though, this game is going to be incredible. It's so feature packed it makes my head 'spin' thinking about it.

See what i did there? ;)

TotalPS3Fanboy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

It's a secret feature that only dedicated 360 fanboys would have the time to dig around to find it.

Blinding_Solo3422d ago

Your comments are always absurd and unintelligent. If I was to see you in real life I would smash your Shatbox 3Fixme on your face until your face looked like Hercules when Kratos delivered that ass whopping.

On topic: This game has two more months and this is just a demo. It is most likely they discovered this already and fixed it. Can people shut up and wait till the game is out to complain about glitches and bugs.

TotalPS3Fanboy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

It's actually not a bug.
Rather, it's a flying car prototype.

PolySony just keeps adding more and more contents. The awesomeness!!!

LazyDevs3422d ago

Funny how people have a big mouth on the internet. Actually you might want to take a break from this site, if you are feeling that way.

2Spock3422d ago

A demo of a game represents the final product. It is to sell the product to the consumer.

You are talking about 2 years dev time to 5+ years.

pixelsword3422d ago

Actually, I more so than not like green's comments because I think he's actually having a little light-hearted fun when he posts positively or negatively. He doesn't seem to be unnecessarily brutal, unlike a lot of 360 fans on the site.

MEGANE3422d ago

Here i am...maybe not to smart but do not compare me with this @#$& GREEN RING OF LIFE....btw i love ps3 and this game is gonna be the best game ever.
You wont see me again for a while...i like to keep my distance

Dee_913421d ago

when i read the title i was like i bet this is that foreign site then i saw the author sub85

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ndibu3422d ago

Why do rules change when it comes to ps3 exclusives? Take Move for instance, there are no good Move-only launch games but you do not hear anyone pointing that out and not getting shat on here.
Here Come The Death Threats

moparful993422d ago

Umm R.U.S.E. says hi.. That game is exceptional in its own merits and even better with move.. Try again ndibu..

ryuzu3422d ago

But the Quantum Theory demo IS just a demo - most people don't bother stating obvious points all the time, they assume most other normal folk understand reality too.

AFAIK there were no "bugs" in the QT demo, it was just a bland thing to play. Bugs get fixed, gameplay doesn't.

I doubt this kind of thing will get fixed before release, even so, GT5 is fun to play, QT, well isn't. So uh yeah, QT isn't great, GT5 is....


sak5003422d ago ShowReplies(4)
Akagi3422d ago

Icidentally, all these "ugly" videos seem to come from that .de site.

RumbleFish3422d ago

But not only the ugly videos. It's almost the only site posting videos of GT 5.

CernaML3422d ago

"But not only the ugly videos. It's almost the only site stealing videos of GT 5."


Amiroo3422d ago

how can't they fix these issues in 5 years ?
E3 the same
GC the Same
GDC the same
PAX the same bugs.

and even PAX 10 demo was the final version with real time physx , and tell me how can they fix it in less than 2 months ?

the game is great , the graphics is amazing but buggiest game ever

IRetrouk3422d ago

oh no weve seen two bugs and your saying they cant fix it? gtfo, its hardley the bugiest game ever is it? there is one other racing game with more bugs, know what it is?
they have in reality probs already fixed this one.

Amiroo3422d ago


maybe you saw 2 bugs but in every video i saw bugs , just because of that sony didn't show pure gameplay live or did you see gameplay from this game ? NO becuase there is not any , all of them is cam not HD videos just cam that users captured.

yeah ! i guess you mean Heavy Rain right ?

IRetrouk3422d ago

show me links or gtfo, i have seen every vid of gt and all i have seen is two little bugs that dont affect the gameplay, the other game i was refering to was forza 3, i have the game and the amount of bugs in that is laughable, or we could talk about screen tearing in splinter cell, or gears or what about alan wake? all these games released with bugs, and by the way i dont care what console you own due to the fact that i own all 4 platforms, but when you diss a game that offers so much more than anything before it, then you are obviously a fanboy as opposed to a gamer.

Dee_913421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

lol yea like seriously
show me these bugs you are talking about
i only saw 2 and that was the gamescon and pax build with the track not loading and now this and i been keeping up with almost every thing gt5 related since it was announced

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MikeMichaels3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

...dont worry bro. They polish their games to near perfection and they have 4 prior games to prove it.

Amiroo3422d ago

i hope so . because this is their first experience in full game with new tachnologies and first exp on PSP dosn't look good i hope they fix it

ShadowJetX3422d ago

What the hell were you expecting when you played GT PSP? Perfect physics? Perfect Graphics? I don't think so buddy.

Game is gonna be awesome, Chuck Norris says so.

BloodyNapkin3422d ago

How many times do i have to say this, a demo is a representation of the full game. I am sure they will fix this. But the thing is, racing games should not have this many bug's. Just cause of the limitations of being just the track and physics. Especially for being in development for going on 6 years.

But what i do love is all the defense for GT5 or PS3 games for that matter. But other games on other systems we are going to poke and make fun of.

Dee_913421d ago

"But other games on other systems we are going to poke and make fun of. "

dont you see that happening here ?
ima gt5 fanboy and its still funny to me lol

i dont take gaming too seriously to even get mad at or take into consideration what some of these people say

Utalkin2me3422d ago

Man PD just keeps adding more and more to the game. What last week they added disappearing tracks and now flying cars. OMG PD thank you!

EvilBlackCat3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

"How many times do I have to say this, it is just a demo the full version of the game is great."

well what goes around comes around


Go back in the archives of n4g and look for old submitted news about forza 3 demo and you will find a lot of ignorant brainwashed mascots bashing and trowing mud on forza... so just hold your breath and cover your ears and try to survive kid.


Perfection takes time with a loooooooooooooot of delays. - EBC

bjornbear3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

AWESOME! =D thats an awesome bug

you people are taking this way too seriously.

@ people attacking the game: you seriously think this is a cause for concern? one bug? how did you react when forza 3 had 10000 bugs/ glitches and nasty errors? you played damage control, and now I guess you are sour and paying back = pathetic

@ people defending the game: get over it, its a bug, no need to justify it. the best games have the craziest bugs! and countless people playing countless versions of countless demos, you are bound go get loads of bugs.

I don't understand this gen, as if a bug in a videogame means it will fail.

you people need to get out of N4G and play more videogames if you think this is a big deal.

I personally thought it was hilarious- best looking bug in a video game ever =) lets face it, this game could have more bugs and its still going to be awesome, its PD, they haven't failed so far, they won't fail now

but enjoy your little war, when the game his the shelves / PS3 we talk ;)

ABizzel13422d ago

LMAO the new report going on in the background makes it funny.

But this should (and it better) be fixed or patched when the game comes out.

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Steve_Urkel3422d ago

Wooooh momma, did you see that car fly?

Did I dooo that?

TotalPS3Fanboy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

You didn't do that. That was clearly done by someone else.

djmindz3422d ago

damage control at it finest =)

ndibu3422d ago

Its all over the show and super unrealistic. These are metal and fibre glass cars, not play dough PD

moparful993422d ago

Yea cause this is realistic.. [url=
Give it a rest troll..

corneliuscrust3422d ago


ndibu never mentioned anything about any other games or any kind of comparison.

I'm sorry you thought this was an epeen contest, but it's not. Even if forza wasn't released at all that wouldn't change GT5 and how it stands now.

ShadowJetX3422d ago

That wasn't as bad as some of the comments said it would be. It seems you have to intentionally invoke it to happen. Besides, if this doesn't get fixed, I'll bet people are gonna find ways to take it further, and have a good laugh along the way... unless it's a way to cheat like in other games (I'll let you guys interpret what I said).

JohnSlaught3422d ago

Damn, even the bugs looks awesome. I guess they will have it sorted out before launch.